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NEWS: Emil Bulls think about Crowns…

Continuing their countdown to the release of their 24th May Pop Covers album “Mixtape” via AMF Records, German Metallers Emil Bulls have released a third music video in Billie Eilish cover “You Should See Me In A Crown”. Is it going to survive the obvious Punk Goes Pop cash in critics?

NEWS: Emil Bulls chase “Miss Magnetic”!

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, German Nu-Metal crew Emil Bulls have released a new music video for “Miss Magnetic”. A timely single from there 2017 offering “Kill Your Demons” which dropped via AFM Records, which is also the label home of Billy Graziadei’s Billy Bio solo project.  

NEWS: Emil Bulls enjoy “Eurphoria”!

Muchen Germany’s Emil Bulls have released a music video for single “Euphoria”. The song comes from the bands September 2017 released album “Kill Your Demons” released via AFM Records. The band have a double header of live shows for their Christmas Bash in Hamburg and Muchen with the home town show sold out!