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Interview: Razor talk “Cycle of Contempt” with Banger TV!

If you thought that after his recent run of appearances for KnotFest meant Daniel Dekay would be giving up his day job with Banger TV then guess again. In this new interview he spoke to Speed Metal legend Dave Carlo about his band Razor and their new album “Cycle of Contempt“. Expect a few wood

Interview: Killswitch Engage talk “Atonement” with KnotFest!

American Metalcore Kings Killswitch EngageĀ  have let drummer Justin Foley out from the basement to launch a new project in Lybica. In this new interview with KnotFest he talks about the bands now three year old album “Atonement” and how he’s got a lot of love for former vocalist Howard Jones now in Light The

Interview: Creeping Death talk new album with KnotFest!

While at Psycho Las Vegas Trey Pemberton of Creeping Death took a moment out of his busy schedule to talk to Daniel Delay from KnotFest about playing a run of shows with Municipal Waste and Drain, the state of World address in the Texas Hardcore scene, working with Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz on the

Interview: TesseracT talk new album with KnotFest!

Having escaped the clutches of Wacken, Sophie K from KnotFest has remained in Germany to interview TesseracT guitarist James Montheith about the bands upcoming new album after the bands first international show following some Global situation or other. He promises that the new material sounds more organic than the last while there are also questions

Interview: GWAR talk “The New Dark Ages” with KnotFest!

Or to be a little more precise, GWAR talk about their new album “The New Dark Ages” and it’s Graphic Novel counterpart “The Duoverse Of Absurdity” with Sophie K from KnotFest at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. All of which can only mean that the band actually survived their August tour with Party Cannon,

Interview: Butcher Babies talk album #4 with KnotFest!

If you thought that the end of Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany meant the end of the run of interviews from Sophie K from KnotFest then you’d be mistaken as at this year’s incarnation of the largest European Festival she spoke to Carla Harvey from Butcher Babies. As you might expect, topics of conversation

Interview: Malevolence talk UK Metal Scene with KnotFest!

Moving on from her stint of interviews at Wacken Open Air Festival, Sophie K headed to KnotFest Germany to interview Alex Taylor from Sheffield shredders Malevolence after their set at the event. The conversation flows from working gig security as a day job to the UK Metal Scene and of course the bands new album

Interview: Orthodox talk “Learning To Dissolve” with KnotFest!

Vocalist Adam Easterling is back in the Mastermind interview hot seat with KnotFest to discuss his favourite topics, Hardcore, Nu-Metal, Nashville and his band Orthodox. The band recently released their Century Media debut album “Learning To Dissolve” and in this interview that gets discussed along with the musical landscape and language of their home City