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Interview: (hed)p.e. talk “Detox” with KnotFest!

As the Nu-Pod from KnotFest continues to rumble on, Jared Gomez from (hed)p.e. talks to Joshua Toomey about everything from new album “Detox” to Jive Records, Lynn Strait from Snot and the seminal “Broke” over 78 minutes of madness. The new album drops on 15th December via Suburban Noize Records with three singles already available

Interview: Coal Chamber. 1999. Rivals. Gwar. KnotFest!

Reminiscing about the Livin La Vida Loco Tour back in 1999 which saw them headline with support from Machine Head, Slipknot, Amen and Dope, Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen is the latest to sit in the KnotFest Nu Pod hot seat. The conversation stretches to her work on graphic novels and the recording of “Rivals” as

Interview: Kittie on the Nu Pod with Knotfest!

The Nu-Metal nostalgia that is Joshua Toomey’s Nu Pod on KnotFest returns and brings us a conversation with Morgan and Mercedes Lander from Kittie. 2018 saw them release a 20th Anniversary documentary and live featurette in “Origins/Evolutions” and that seems to have opened the door for them to play both Sick New World and When

Interview: Snot talk “Get Some” with KnotFest!

The Nu-Metal Podcast from KnotFest has been gaining a fair amount of traction of late with Joshua Toomey talking to a variety of heroes from bands who some have fonder memories of. The latest episode finds former Soulfly and current Channel Zero guitarist Mikey Doling taking about his greatest adventure, Snot and their ground breaking album

Documentary: Knocked Loose: Louisville: A Hardlore Film!

Spending the day with Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris in Louisville Kentucky on the bands tenth anniversary, the Hardlore crew over at KnotFest.com have painstakingly chronologically documented the rise to prominence of one of the biggest Hardcore acts on the planet. Locations, key events and personal tales are all part of the action with Garris

Interview: Avatar talk “Dance Devil Dance” with KnotFest!

More precisely Avatar frontman and unhinged mastermind Johannes Eckerstrom talks to Joshua Toomey and Chris Akin of KnotFest about the fan reaction to the bands latest offering “Dance Devil Dance” as well as why the band decided to form their own label and go independent from here on out. There is even time to give

Interview: Converge talk Godcity with KnotFest!

In the beating black heart of Salem Massachusetts sits Godcity Studio, the home of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou for the past 20 years. He chats with KnotFest about everything that has gone on in the place, including what happens on Halloween in a full uncut interview with the legendary recording engineer, known for his work

Interview: Obituary talk “Dying Of Everything” with KnotFest!

Reflections on the final Slayer tour, no doubt recorded before guitarist Kerry King spoke out about the bands retirement happening in his eyes too soon along with thoughts on the bands new album are all part of this interview that John Tardy from Obituary gave to Joshua Toomey at KnotFest. As if you didn’t already

Interview: Kublai Khan talk Furnace Fest with KnotFest!

Burning the time between sets at Furnace Fest in Birmingham Alabama, KnotFest spoke to Matt Honeycutt and Nolan Ashley from Sherman Texans Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Kublai Khan. A fresh interview about touring life, Boomslang Coffee and their new ish EP “Lowest Form Of Animal” could well be in the offering but you’ll need to tune