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Interview: Cradle Of Filth chat to Knotfest!

The first show from Cradle Of Filth since 2019 will see the Suffolk Extreme Metallers give a live debut to a new keyboard player after Lindsey Schoolcraft made her exit over some 15 months ago. The band, who have announced a new album in “Existence Is Futile”, their first in four years will be appearing

Interview: Cane Hill talk Religion with Mosh Talks!

Having left Rise Records and gone independent, Cane Hill have turned their amps up and returned to the heavier material of old with their recent singles. In the latest episode of the Mosh Talks series, Beez from Knotfest chats to vocalist Elijah Witt about the bands explosive new single “God Is The Enemy“, Mental Health,

Bootleg: Death Blooms at Knotfest!

Knotfest.com’s Pulse of the Maggots online festival was an online virtual event that saw the cream of the crop of Metal talent given the opportunity to rip it up in front of a bigger audience. For free. One of those bands was Liverpool quartet Death Blooms, whose pair of singles in “Anger” and “Life Is

Interview: Brand of Sacrifice talk “Lifeblood” on Mosh Talks!

Having done the rounds recently dropping guest vocals all over the place and launching side project Earth Shatters, Kyle Anderson spent a fair part of 2020 working away on the new Brand of Sacrifice record “Lifeblood“. So with the date on the tombstone being 5th March and a trio of singles already streaming everywhere that’s

Interview: Atreyu’s Brandon Saller on Mosh Talks!

“Who’s sleeping on my side of the bed tonight? Have you ever cried so hard? Baby you just died (you just died)“ Unlike the Atreyu fans who found the band through their hugely successful 2004 sophomore album “The Curse” thanks to the music videos for “Right Side of the Bed” and “The Crimson” getting a

Bootleg: “Bury Me Under” from October Ends!

Another one cut from their set at KnotFest.com’s Pulse of the Maggots Fest sees Newcastle Nu-Metal crew October Ends joined by session musicians Kyle Hughes (drums) and Adam Bulpitt (guitars) for “Bury Me Under” from their recently released album “Zodiac“. The festival saw them joined by Hacktivist who used the opportunity to drop new single

Bootleg: “Generic” from Diamond Construct!

Following Hacktivist and October Ends in sharing tracks cut from their sets for the Pulse Of The Maggots online streaming festival hosted by Knotfest.com are Australian talents Diamond Construct. They’ve chosen “Generic” from their recent offering “DXC2”¬†out now via Australian major label Greyscale Records for the purpose. The four track EP is a tasteful follow

Bootleg: “Rogues” from October Ends!

Filmed at Old Church Studios for the Knotfest.com Pulse Of The Maggots festival stream, October Ends have shared their live rendition of “Rogues” with a couple of session musicians joining them. The track is taken from their long in the works record “Zodiac“, which is out now in all the finest of establishments.

Bootleg: “Unlike Us” from Hacktivist!

Having unveiled a new single in “Armoured Core” during their performance at Knotfest.com’s first ever Pulse Of The Maggots Festival in November, Milton Keynes DJentlement Hacktivist returned to where it all began with “Unlike Us” which dropped some 8 years ago. There have been a few line up changes since but the new band is