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NEWS: King 810 speak of “The magick of sound”!

Continuing to follow familiar thought patterns built on the foundation of skulls that was the “Memoirs of a Murderer” era “Anatomy” series, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have shared another spoken word essay from frontman David Gunn titled “The magick of sound” in the wake of new EP “K5: Follow My Tears“. They will be upon

NEWS: King 810 share “Demigods in the Devices”!

While their recently released EP “K5: follow my tears” approaches 550k of Spotify streams alone in the 3 weeks since its release, with “Brains On The Asphalt” a huge single, King 810 have returned to the spoken word of 2014’s “Anatomy” series. A David Gunn essay entitled “Demigods in the Devices” and accompanying video that

Review: “Suicide King” by King 810

Following all the hype around their major label debut “Memoirs of a Murderer” and then the frankly brilliant and cruelly overlooked “La Petite Morte or a Conversation with God”, King 810 are back for a four affair (counting their debut as “King” entitled “Anachronism” and featuring second Guitarist Jason Hale of Chiodos fame) with “Suicide