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NEWS: Last Wishes pray for “Escape”!

Irish Hardcore crew Last Wishes have surprise released a new single by the name of “Escape“. Promising a new album in 2020, it’s available to stream and purchase over at bandcamp. Interestingly, despite not having announced any line up details or having any tickets available, Upsurge Festival still has a date of 28th August in

Bootleg: Last Wishes in Leeds!

Last Wishes caught our attention at Upsurge Festival 2018 with their full on DIY Hardcore sound and they were lucky enough to play the last Backtrack show on our soil. That took place at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on 9th November 2019 and was caught on camera by David Tan Kathryn, McBride and

Review: “Demonstrate Your Pride” EP by Last Wishes

Engineered and Recorded by Reece Whyte, Jack Craven and Adam Rogers while being Mixed & Mastered by Adam Rogers at Pit Lab in Leeds in Spring 2019, “Demonstrate Your Pride” is the fifth cassette tape in 4 years from Belfast Hardcore quartet Last Wishes. A band we were unaware of until they took the stage

Bootleg: Last Wishes at Ready Fest 2019!

Irish Hardcore savages Last Wishes took us completely by surprise when they took to the stage during the first incarnation of Upsurge Festival in August 2018. Since then they’ve let us have their third EP “Demonstrate Your Pride” in April. Here’s their full set from Ready Fest at London’s New Cross Inn on 5th October,

Bootleg: Last Wishes in Sheffield!

Playing at the Rough Justice “Hell Is Other People” release show at Sheffield Record Junkie on 14th September, here’s a full set from Last Wishes. One of the highlights of last year’s Upsurge Festival,  the Belfast Hardcore crew dropped their third EP “Demonstrate Your Pride” back in April.

Bootleg: Last Wishes at Outbreak Festival!

Pro-Shot by David Tan, Sean Pitcam and Kathryn McBride in Leeds at Outbreak Festival on 28th April, here’s a full set from Last Wishes! Their third EP “Demonstrate Your Pride” is out now, your can pick it up via bandcamp. It features a duo of guest vocal appearances, firstly on “Forced Into Sin” by Elias

NEWS: Strife and Risk It join forces in October!

October will see Los Angeles Californian Hardcore legends Strife joined by Dresden Germany Hardcore crew Risk It for a run of European shows including a pair upon our shores. Ready Fest ’19 is the London show that will see them both share a stage with Knuckledust and Last Wishes among others. 3rd Leeds, Temple of

Bootleg: Last Wishes at AIHC ’17!

Belfast hardcore quartet Last Wishes were one of the standout bands at this summer’s Upsurge Festival. Their pair of EPs “The Price of Freedom” and “Stepped on Since Birth” are both fine pieces of work, showcasing all that is good in the current Hardcore scene. Courtesy of Wayne Donaldson Photography, here’s a Pro-Shot full set

Review: “The Price of Freedom” EP by Last Wishes

Recorded in Dublin in the spring 2018 by Killian McAuley with Mixing and Mastering by Adam Rogers, Belfast Hardcore quartet Last Wishes released “The Price of Freedom” at the end of August, their fifth release since their 2015 demo debut. We had the joy of witnessing the band’s set at this summer’s Upsurge Festival at The

The Black Map #25: Last Wishes from Belfast!

Our journey across The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene takes us from our capital city to Belfast. Northern Ireland’s capital city and famed for being the place where the doomed ocean liner The Titanic was constructed. It’s name is taken from the Irish words Béal Feirsde meaning “rivermouth”. But we’re not here for some