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Bootleg: Knocked Loose in Buffalo New York!

Time for one from the archives now as Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Knocked Loose destroy the Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo New York. Freshly released it was actually recorded on 11th December 2021, prior to the bands rampage across the Globe with “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life“. What price secret recording sessions with Will Putney

Interview: Isaac Hale from Knocked Loose on The Downbeat Podcast!

Now that the touring machine of Stray From The Path is firing on all cylinders with thought that drummer Craig Reynolds The Downbeat Podcast series would be placed on the back burner. How wrong we were as he caught up with Isaac Hale Knocked Loose after their US arena tour with $UICIDEBOY$ and ahead of their

Bootleg: Knocked Loose at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia!

Including “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory“, “…And Still I Wander South” and “Mistakes Like Fractures“, here’s a freshly released pro-shot full set from Knocked Loose. The Metallic Hardcore champions were caught on camera at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in on 12th September 2021, the show happening a calendar month and

Bootleg: Knocked Loose in Cardiff!

Pro-shot by the King of the Underground Metal scene in the United Kingdom David Tan, a full set from Knocked Loose recorded during their February run with Terror and Static Dress has surfaced. This one took place at Y Plas Student Union in Cardiff and was only possible due to the award winning combination of

Playthrough: “Denied by Fate” from Knocked Loose!

Another slice of the dedicated drum cam footage pie that was the full set of Knocked Loose at The Fox Theatre in Pomona California last month is available for public consumption. It sees Kevin Kaine hammering out “Denied By Fate“, one that will surely be in the set when the Oldham Kentucky Metallic Hardcore act

Playthrough: “God Knows” from Knocked Loose!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Knocked Loose sticksman Kevin Kaine performing “God Knowns” at The Fox Theatre in Pomona California has surfaced, a demonstration of the power of the cut from their current EP “A Tear in The Fabric of Life“. The Oldham Kentucky Metallic Hardcore Kings in June for a collection of shows that

Bootleg: Knocked Loose at Rolling Stone Studios!

A short and yet oh so sweet set from Oldham Kentucky Metallica Hardcore Kings Knocked Loose at Rolling Stone Studios has surfaced that sees them tear through five cuts in 17 minutes including “Mistakes Like Fractures“. Last month saw them surprise release a new EP “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” while February will see

Review: “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” by Knocked Loose

“It’s a story about extreme grief and the levels a person is willing to go through to get rid of it. The story follows a main character through a traumatic car crash late one night in the woods that leaves his partner deceased, and from there you spiral with him into the depression and guilt

Bootleg: Knocked Loose in Philadelphia!

For those who don’t know, on 13th October Oldham Kentucky Metallic Hardcore homewreckers Knocked Loose dropped an anvil heavy new EP called “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” alongside a disturbing animated featurette. In the 3 days that have followed on Spotify alone the EP has racked up 646,668 streams, which goes to show