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NEWS: King 810 stare in Wonder…

As they prepare for this year’s incarnation of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour trek across Europe with Nasty headlining the mainland shows, the United Kingdom headliners King 810 have premiered a music video comprising tour footage for “Winddershins” from their recently deceased EP “K5: Follow My Tears“. That of course means that four of

Interview: Left To Suffer talk touring with Wall Of Sound!

If you found yourself asking just who Left To Suffer were when they were announced as replacing Chamber on the upcoming 2023 incarnation of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour… well we have to ask where you’ve been. They’ll be joining a stacked line up which will see Nasty headline the European mainland shows and

Bootleg: Left To Suffer in Montréal!

In a change to the line up for this year’s incarnation of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour, Nashville Tennessee Hardcore crew Chamber drop out to be replaced by Atlanta Georgia Deathcore firebrands Left To Suffer. They will join headliners King 810 and Nasty with Ten56, Fox Lake and Reduction in November but before that

NEWS: Kissing Candice will buy that for a dollar!

When it comes to dropping guest vocal appearances is anymore more prolific than Left To Suffer frontman Taylor Barber at this point? His latest cameo is on “97 Buck$“, the latest in a long line of waterfall released singles from Long Island New York natives Kissing Candice. We make that the ninth from the previously

NEWS: Heavy//Hitter enter the house of wax?

We sincerely hope that Left To Suffer frontman Taylor Barber is getting frequent flyer points for each and every one of the guest vocal appearances he makes because the dude must be approaching three figures at this point. This time out he has joined West Palm Beach Florida Metallic Hardcore crew Heavy//Hitter for a cameo

NEWS: Ov Sulfur premier “Wide Open”!

Saving the best until last, an album release day music video for “Wide Open” which features a guest vocal appearance from none other than Howard Jones of Light The Torch and Killswitch Engage fame has aired via Century Media. The cut is by Las Vegas Blackened Deathcore collective Ov Sulfur with “The Burden Ov Faith”

Review: “The Burden Ov Faith” by Ov Sulfur

“I wanted to put something out there that was as blasphemous and heavy as it was thought-provoking; I just had no idea how many people felt the same way. It’s always been the same thing that’s inspired me – the terrible things that have been done in the name of religion. Even in Suffokate, I

NEWS: Ov Sulfur premier “Befouler”, Alex Terrible guests!

Crafted by the band alongside producer Morgoth Beatz (Winds of Plague, Scarlxrd), then mixed and mastered by maestro Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah), the new album “The Burden Ov Faith” from Ov Sulfur sees the two split engineering of vocals and drums, respectively, with former Machine Head and current Once Human guitarist Logan Mader stepping