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NEWS: “No Justice No Peace”… Until The Dead Walk!

Louisville Kentucky heavy hitters Until The Dead Walk have returned with a timely brand new track entitled “No Justice No Peace” that sees a guest vocal appearance from Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer. As with their “No Music Just Violence” record, this one has been produced by Chelsea Grin drummer Pablo Viveros, no doubt

NEWS: Cardijum Left To Suffer?

Stupid headlines aside, Minneapolis Minnesota Deathcore collective Cardijum have been creating fresh sounds at Sonic Assault Studios with Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer fame appearing on this brand new effort “The Precipice of Sanity“. Their second single and follow up to February’s “Leech“, they show a lot of promise for a debut EP or

Review: “Trauma Model” EP by Alpha Virus

Downtempo Deathcore Groove act Alpha Virus are a band that we know all too well. The Huston Texas heavy hitters have been releasing new material on a regular basis and each time seem to manage the unthinkable and surpass themselves. Produced, mixed and  mastered by Davide Aroldi at Hvze Recordings, vocalist Triston Parker, bassist Zak

NEWS: Left To Suffer are ready. Are you?

Atlanta Georgia natives Left To Suffer have tapped up the lesser spotter half of BroJob in Jacob Wallace for new single “Loathe” – and – having seen the work of Eric DiCarlo in the Directors chair for the recent Bodysnatcher music videos, they’ve tapped him up for it as well!

Bootleg: “Eyeless” from Left To Suffer!

Recorded at the Atlanta Georgia stop of Attila‘s Rage Fest, Left To Suffer dropped a version of “Eyeless” by Slipknot on an unsuspecting audience! A home town show for the band, they have single “Lost At Last” out now

NEWS: Left To Suffer share their “Burden”

Continuing an impressive run of guest vocal appearances, CJ McCreery of Lorna Shore (ex-Signs of the Swarm) has joined Atlanta Georgia natives Left To Suffer for their debut single “Burden”! They love Tattoos, Alcohol, getting stoned and writing heavy music… and no vocalist Taylor Barber is no relation to Chelsea Grin frontman Tom Barber.