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Interview: Amorphis talk “Halo” with Little Punk People!

Tomi Koivusaari, rhythm guitarist of Finnish Progressive Metal titans Amorphis is the latest to talk to Elliott Fuller from Little Punk People in a new interview about the bands album “Halo“. Out now via Atomic Fire Records and accompanied by a making of featurette, their fourteenth record is heavier than its predecessor while also marking

Interview: Metal Blade Live talk to The Black Dahlia Murder!

If yesterdays interview with Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People wasn’t enough of The Black Dahlia Murder for you then today is your lucky day with vocalist Trevor Strnd chats once again with Allegaeon man Riley McShane about their upcoming ‘Yule ‘Em All’ Holiday Extravaganza. The pair had previously caught up about their mutual love

Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder on Little Punk People!

Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People spoke to the legend that is Trevor Strnd, vocalist of The Black Dahlia Murder about their upcoming Yule ‘Em All pay per view live stream, surviving Megadeth and more. Tickets for the live stream (“A holiday style variety special featuring performances by The Black Dahlia Murder playing the classics

Interview: Testament talk to Little Punk People!

Elliott Fullam from Little Punk People got in touch with Testament vocalist Chuck Billy to talk about the healing power of music, his love of TV shows like Six Feet Under, Golf and some of his favourite records. Their new long player “Titans Of Creation” is out now.  

Interview: Out Take Reel from Little Punk People!

One thing you don’t get with films on Netflix is the classic gag reel, so Little Punk People have put together a reel of their own out takes from of their older interviews. Talk of Ghosts and Aliens with members of Slayer, Municipal Waste, Body Count and more hosted by Elliott Fullam? You can’t go

Interview: Little Punk People talk to Slayer!

Little Punk People have delved into the archives of the editing room floor and compiled an interview of out takes from their original 2017 interview with the voice of Slayer, Tom Araya. Elliott Fullam chats to the main man about Country Music, the apocalypse according to the Bible and of course Metal. So could Araya

Interview: Power Trip talk to Little Punk People!

…or to be precise, Riley Gale from Power Trip joined Elliott Fullam aka Little Punk People on the sofa for a chat about his reoccurring dreams, soul sacrifice and writing the follow up to the hugely successful “Nightmare Logic“…¬†and as always, it’s hilarious good fun!