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Review: “Astral” by Lost Conduit

13 different Deathcore and Death Metal vocalists make their presence felt with appearances across the 10 tracks that make up “Astral” by Lost Conduit. Just let that sink in for a moment. The project is the brain child of multi instrumentalist Drew Klugger and vocalist Justin Haskin of Desolist, that started with a dream of

NEWS: Enterprise Earth’s Lamb Of God cover gets video!

Last week saw the surprise release of a new EP from Deathcore collective Enterprise Earth, a compilation of five cuts entitled “Foundation of Bones” with an all new title track, a pair of covers and an acoustic rendition. Dan Watson and company have recorded a lockdown video for their Lamb Of God cover “Now You’ve

NEWS: Lost Conduit get the guests in!

How many vocalists can you get on a single track? Do too many cooks spoil the broth? DJent infused Metalcore act Lost Conduit already have Justin Haskin of Desolist in their ranks so they’ve added in not one, not two but three (count them) guest vocalists for new single “Animal“. They are Tyler Shelton of┬áTraitors,

NEWS: Lost Conduit take you to the ruins!

Having previously dropped a single which saw Brand of Sacrifice vocalist Kyle Anderson make a guest appearance, Lost Conduit have returned with “Ruins” which features Rheese Peters of Babirusa and formerly A Night In Texas fame! Blending DJent with both Death and Metalcore flavours, Lost Conduit feature in their ranks Justin Haskin of Desolist fame.

NEWS: Lost Conduit climb the tower to the “Damsel”!

Yesterday we shared a Pro-Shot full set from Brand of Sacrifice as they’re joining Rings Of Saturn, Traitors and Enterprise Earth in Europe in February. Today sees a new single from Lost Conduit who feature Justin Haskin of Desolist in their ranks drop a brand new single entitled “Damsel”. The link? Kyle Anderson of Brand