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Documentary: Behind the scenes of “The Prophecy” with Jinjer!

Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have shared a behind the scenes snippet from the video shot for last week’s sixth single “The Prophecy” from their current album “Macro“. Directed by Shah Talifta and filmed at Bright Sound Studio it may seal the tomb on the record with 20th November being the release date of their next

NEWS: Jinjer go back to the floor with “The Prophecy” video!

Going back to their humble beginnings with a floor show music video for “The Prophecy” directed by Shah Talifta and filmed at Bright Sound Studio, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have released a sixth single from their incredible album “Macro“. If you’re missing live shows as much as we are then you might want to indulge

Bootleg: “Sit Stay Roll Over” from Jinjer!

If you’re missing the live shows as much as we are during this lockdown saga, you might want to check out a live record and if you do then it should be a high quality one. There is no doubt that come 20th November, “Alive in Melbourne” from Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer will be on

Bootleg: “Teacher, Teacher!” from Jinjer! Live album on the way!

Given the amount of high quality live footage of Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer, it seemed inevitable that sooner or later a live record would surface. They’ve chosen their last show before lockdown, a set from Melbourne Australia on 5th March 2020 for that wit 20th November 2020 seeing the album under the moniker “Alive in Melbourne”

Playthrough: “Judgement (& Punishment)” from Jinjer!

We’ve witnessed a wealth of playthrough videos from Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer since March but none from vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk… Until now. She’s recorded this one take vocal performance of “Judgement (& Punishment)” with the band rehearsing for six socially distanced shows in September, four of which are in Germany.

Playthrough: “Pit Of Consciousness” by Jinjer!

The supreme talent of Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer never fails to impress and that has made the visa issues they’ve had getting out of their home country all the more painful for the fans. We’ve been lucky enough to see them at a sold out Camden Underworld show, but missed out on seeing them on

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #17 from Sepultura!

It seems that there will be no Sepultura tour activities in 2020 for obvious reasons, despite the arrival of a seriously good album in “Quadra“. There will however be a rescheduled run in North America with Art of Shock, Sacred Reich and Crowbar in March 2021 so it is going to be worth the wait.

Bootleg: “Pisces” from Jinjer!

Performing live in front of tens of thousands of fans at Waken Open Air in Germany in 2019 has to go down as one of those truly special moments in the careers of Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer. They have been road warriors in recent years, building their fanbase Globally thanks to the knowledge of Manager

Playthrough: “Judgement & Punishment” from Jinjer!

..or more precisely Jinjer guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov. Note: That’s a six string Venus model by OD Guitars, while he’s also using a Helix Line 6, IR Latte 212 [PROFI PACK] by Coffee Custom Cabs and D’Addario 14-68 gauge strings. So if you want to recreate the sound, that’s what you’re going to need. The original

Playthrough: “Pit Of Consciousness” from Jinjer!

Ukrainian Progressive Groove Metallers Jinjer have been relentlessly touring so much that lockdown must have them itching to get back out again. Drummer Vlad Ulasevich was recorded playing “Pit Of Consciousness” during the bands November 2019 shows on dedicated drum cam. He plays using a selection of hear from Tama, Zildjian, Promark and Evans gear.