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Playthrough: “Remain Unbeaten” from Malevolence!

The latest episode of the Sick Riffs series from Guitar World sees Malevolence six string master Josh Baines show us how to play the oddly time signatured riffs of “Remain Unbeaten” from their new EP “The Other Side“. Let’s just hope it’s a forerunner for the bands next full length record because as amazing as

Review: “The Other Side” EP by Malevolence

Seven years ago, 2013 saw Sheffield Shredders Malevolence land the first punch of their career with their debut album “Reign of Suffering“. A prizer fighter of a band in the bare knuckle boxing underground Metal circuit, they quickly developed a reputation for a high energy live show with their sound that blends Metal and Hardcore.

Bootleg: Malevolence in Sydney Australia!

A second full set from Sheffield Shredders Malevolence in Sydney Australia saw them at the Metro Theatre the day after they played the Landsdowne Hotel. That was 18th January as they landed down under for Invasion Fest 2020 and then played a clean sweep of shows around it. 24th April will see their new EP

NEWS: Malevolence get in the ring and “Remain Unbeaten”!

Filmed by Daniel Priess with additional Live footage Moritz Hartmann, Sheffield Shredders Malevolence have removed the dust sheet from the second single from their upcoming EP “The Other Side” which will be released on 24th April 24th via MLVLTD Music. Pre-orders are available here.

Bootleg: Malevolence in Sydney Australia!

17th January saw Sheffield Shredders Malevolence at the Landsdowne Hotel in Sydney Australia with Terror, Primitive Beast and Speed, having travelled down under for Invasion Fest 2020. Here’s the pro-shot full set.  24th April will see them unveil “The Other Side” which fingers crossed is just a teaser for a new full length.  

Bootleg: Malevolence in Newcastle Australia!

With April’s double headed Dragon Fury Fest now postponed and likely to feature a 50% different line up when it gets rescheduled, it’s time we brought you a pro-shot full set from Sheffield Shredders Malevolence. Their performance was caught on camera at Hamilton Station Hotel in Newcastle Australia on 19th January as they tore the place

Bootleg: Malevolence in Glasgow!

It goes without saying that this multi-cam full set pro-shot by David Tan, Greg Hall, Johnny Fowler & Tierney Browne at Glasgow Classic Grand on Thursday 5th November 2019 was sold out. Why? One word. Malevolence. They have a new EP entitled “The Other Side” out on 24th April, just five days after back to

NEWS: Malevolence want negative energy freedom!

As promised earlier this week, Sheffield Shredders Malevolence have landed the killer blow with new single “Keep Your Distance“. The video was filmed at Invasion Fest in Australia in January with Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose fame dropping a guest vocal appearance. The track comes from the bands upcoming 24th April EP “The Other Side“.

Bootleg: Malevolence at Sound Of Revolution Fest 2019!

Tomorrow will see not only a brand new single with a music video but also pre-orders for the upcoming new EP “The Other Side” from Malevolence. The rumours are rife that as Knocked Loose did with “Mistakes Like Fractures“, that this new release is just a teaser for a full length album to follow shortly

Bootleg: Knocked Loose in Sydney Australia!

Pro-Shot at Metro Theatre in Sydney Australia on 18th January 2020, here’s a full set from Metallic Hardcore Kings Knocked Loose. They headed down under for this years incarnation of Invasion Fest and took advantage of the opportunity to play a collection of surrounding shows. Frontman Bryan Garris will appear on the upcoming new single