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Metal Noise TV: January 2020!

January may not have brought any snow but it sure has hell brought some heat with the year getting off to a furious start front loaded with blistering riffs! The likes of Polaris, Heaven Shall Burn and Bury Tomorrow teased us about their forthcoming albums while the likes of Harmed and The Dialectic seemingly landed

Metal Noise TV: November!

As the Christmas run begins, it is time we wrapped up November in pretty paper and placed it under the tree. Metaphorically speaking. “It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere, we’re all alone, more or less. Let us fly, far away from here, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun. We want to

Metal Noise TV: September!

The turn of the month can mean only one thing. Time for Metal Noise TV to recap September with 121 videos appearing in the month! Cuts from the likes of Slaughter To Prevail, The Oklahoma Kid, Signs Of The Swarm, Carried Weight, Kadinja and so many more! What will October bring? Keep it Metal Noise.

Metal Noise TV: August 2019!

Pinch and a Punch 1st of the month, no returns back. A kick in the d*** for being so quick. It can only be that time of the month again! Recalling the month of August which featured a massive 91 music videos including fresh cuts from Reclaimer, Infected Rain, Derelict Dream and As I Lay

Metal Noise TV: July 2019!

July was another HUGE month of Metal. We were greeted by the news of the return of Renounced and with Employed To Serve guitarist Sammy Urwin remaining firmly in the line-up. New tunes from the likes of Sharks In Your Mouth and Unprocessed! What will the sound of August be? Keep it Metal. Keep it

Metal Noise TV: May 2019!

May was an epic month for releases and that shows with 95 colossal music videos dropping including new cuts from Diamond Construct, Dealer, Enterprise Earth, Borders, Unprocessed and many, many more! We had the pleasure in checking out the likes of Harbinger, Fit For An Autopsy and even Knocked Loose in the live arena as

Metal Noise TV: April 2019!

It’s that time of the year again! Oh wait… It’s the 1st May, which can only mean one thing! Time to look in the rear view mirror at the music videos that appeared from the great and good in April! Everyone from Knocked Loose to Ryker’s, from Obey The Brave to As I Lay Dying

Metal Noise TV: March 2019!

Alright. We know what you’re thinking. It’s the 3rd April already. Which means the March Edition of Metal Noise TV, an epic 125 tunes, is late. You’d be right to. The clocks moving has completely messed with our heads and… Ah. Whatever. 125 tunes from March. Smashing your brain into a pulp with an oil

Metal Noise TV: February 2019!

What was the sound of February? Everyone from Brothers In Blood to Death Blooms and After The Burial dropped riffs and videos in the 28 day long month. Building for 2019 a wealth of bands have been setting out their stall with quality material and lining up spring shows. Keep it Metal.

Metal Noise TV: January 2019!

Wow. January was an amazing month for Metal releases with a lot of bands getting the new year started off right! Mind Power and Road Mutant both dropped new EPs and while some of the scene big guns returned with full lengths! We also started a throwback music video on a Monday to get your