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NEWS: Emil Ask “Where Is My Mind”…?

Quite why this video for “Where Is My Mind” from Emil Bulls got pulled yesterday remains shrouded in mystery, but with the band going on a near month long tour across Germany starting on 29th November at Hamburg Docks, it seems like it’s timely. If you’ve not already heard it, the song comes from their

NEWS: Emil Bulls think about Crowns…

Continuing their countdown to the release of their 24th May Pop Covers album “Mixtape” via AMF Records, German Metallers Emil Bulls have released a third music video in Billie Eilish cover “You Should See Me In A Crown”. Is it going to survive the obvious Punk Goes Pop cash in critics?

NEWS: Emil Bulls fast forward the tape!

Following their recently released Destiny’s Child cover, Emil Bulls have put together a music video for “Tell It To My Heart” by Taylor Dayne. Both songs will appear on their Deftones esq essentially Pop Covers album “Mixtape” which will appear on 24th May via AFM Records.

NEWS: Emil Bulls unveil “Survivor”!

Emil Bulls have channelled their collective inner Beyonce Knowles and dropped a new track from their upcoming 5th May AFM Records album “Mixtape” entitled “Survivor”! No strangers to a cover with their Deftones inspired cut of “Take On Me” by Ah-ha, they’ve outdone themselves with this Destiny’s Child cut… …and the tracklist for the full