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Review: “Alone In Death” by Crown Magnetar

“While as a band we’ve always been about incredibly fast, incredibly jarring deathcore with a lot of death metal influence, Alone In Death was written with speed and captivation in mind the whole time, on top of our go-to writing styles. At the same time, we’ve added an emphasis on emotional depth, making sure the riffs and

NEWS: Crown Magnetar return with Nick Arthur!

Soon to be tearing up venues across the US as part of the Ragefest tour headlined by Attila, Unique Leader Records signings Crown Magnetar have announced 25th March will see a new album titled “Alone In Death” slap the World in the face. The first single from that record “Realistic Flesh Mask” drops with a

Playthrough: “The Collection” from Signs Of The Swarm!

Filmed DIY at the home of drummer Bobby Chow during the recording sessions for the bands upcoming new album “Absolvere“, Signs Of The Swarm have shared a drum playthrough video for recent single “The Collection” with a rig comprised of gear by Snareweight, Vic Firth, Evans, Rowland, Shure, Pearl, Zildjian and Vratim. The cut itself

Playthrough: “The Collection” from Signs of the Swarm!

Getting the throat of Kublai Khan vocalist Matt Honeycutt to guest on a track is one thing but getting him AND Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution is just a whole new level of pain for our eardrums to ensure but we love it and Signs of the Swarm know it. That’s why they’re in the

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm celebrate “The Collection”!

Getting not one but two guest vocalists on board in Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan and Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution, Deathcore brutes Signs of the Swarm have unleashed the winds of plague in the form of a new single entitled “The Collection“. The band have blown the budget as well and got Eric Dicarlo