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NEWS: Morrigu brace for impact with “Omina”…

“Have you ever been so desperate that death scared you less than your current life?” is the question that Swiss Metallers Morrigu pose with their third single “Omina” from their upcoming album “In Turbulence” which is due on 23rd April. Developing their sound over the past two decades from initial Doom infused Death Metal to

NEWS: Morrigu premier “In The Shade”!

The second single from “In Turbulence” the upcoming 23rd April album by Morrigu, a Swiss band who have developed their sound over 19 years from a Doom infused Death Metal style to one with more Progressive leanings, has surfaced. “In The Shade” is the single from an album which features a lot of guest musicians,

NEWS: Morrigu premier “A Funeral of Liberty”!

A band that have spent four years working on their latest album “In Turbulence“, Swiss Doom infused Death Metallers Morrigu have been crafting a more melodic and progressive work. They are joined by session musicians and guests who you may be familiar with and for first single “A Funeral of Liberty“, Adrian Erlandsson of At