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Playthrough: “Home Back” from Jinjer!

“Home is not a building, Home is liberty, A place where memories live, In prosperity and peace, I came back home so I want my home back, I came back home so I want my home back, Don’t you leave us homeless! Don’t you leave us homeless! Homeless homeless“ Letting bassist Eugene Abdiukhanov out of

Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Devildriver!

In the Digital Tour Bus seat and surrounded by his prized equipment, Devildriver guitarist Michael Spreitzer tells a tale of an incident in the mountains during Ozzfest in 2004 and his second ever tour with the band. If you missed it, the first half of the Santa Barbara Groove Metallers double album “Dealing with Demons”

NEWS: Devildriver wishing their lives away?

Absolutely no one expected clean vocals from Dez Farfara on new Devildriver single “Wishing” but it seems that “Dealing with Demons” has had that effect on him. Sonically the track reminds of “Sail” with the new album just a week away on 2nd October via Napalm Records. No date has yet been set for part

Documentary: “Tour Life” Episode #6 from Infected Rain!

It’s been seven months since January’s Episode #5 of the 2019 “Tour Life” series from Infected Rain, which saw them upon our shores with Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie. Episode #6 didn’t seem to be on the horizon but… here it is. It sees the Moldovans in Holland and Germany while celebrating frontwoman Lena Scissorhands birthday,

Bootleg: “Judgement (& Punishment)” from Jinjer!

Filmed live in Melbourne, Australia during the Macro World Tour 2020, here’s “Judgement (& Punishment)” from Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer. They had a little help from some friends to create this footage with Steven Mitchell handling the filming and editing while Dmitry Kim did the Audio Mix. The original track is of course on the

Interview: Jinjer talk Opeth with Banger TV!

While Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer were in the US Tatiana and Eugene sat down with Banger TV to record an interview that has surfaced as their European Tour begins. They discuss with Daniel Dekay their administration for Opeth and improvisation in Metal. “Macro” is out now via Napalm Records. Miss it, miss out.  

NEWS: Infected Rain share single “Lure”!

Heading to our shores in December with Lacuna Coil, Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain have shared a second single since signing to Napalm Records. Following “The Earth Mantra” with “Lure” there is no indication as to when they were recorded or when their follow up to “86” will appear…

Review: “Micro” EP from Jinjer

Perhaps owing more to their Manager and Devildriver frontman Dez Farfara’s wish to keep the band on the road while their stock is high and keep building their fanbase outside of Europe, Jinjer have taken the time out to record and release this new EP entitled “Micro”. The band promised it would be a continuation of the