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NEWS: Nephylim watch us wither away?

Having announced new vocalist Tijn Bosters with a re-recorded rendition of “Dust Veiled Sky” in 2021, Dutch Melodic Death Metallers Nephylim have let the new man ink the lyrics with a fresh cut titled “Withered“. Curiously the recording of this one was split with Yarne Heylen (Triagone, Nervosa, Warbringer) at Project Zero Studio handling Guitars, bass,

Bootleg: Nephylim at Wacken Metal Battle 2022!

Grabbing the Bull by the horns Dutch Melodic Death Metallers Nephylim got Magenta Musik to film their set as they finished 4th of 28 bands to take on the challenge of the Wacken Metal Battle. The band blitz through four cuts in this 20 minute set with their 2020 full length album “Severance Of Serenity”

NEWS: Nephylim rest under a “Dust Veiled Sky”!

Dutch Melodic Death Metallers Nephylim have unveiled a fully remixed and remastered version of “Dust Veiled Sky” thanks to Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio with new vocalist Tijn Bosters. The original version of the cut appears on the bands now year old “Severance Of Serenity” album, which also features a guest appearance from Andy Gillion

Interview: Nephylim FAQ #1!

Kevin van Geffen, guitarist and backing vocalist (ex-Breaking the Monolith) is the first member of Dutch Melodic Death Metallers Nephylim to be given the limelight with a fan Q&A style interview, something that the remaining members of the band will enjoy or endure over the next few months. Last year’s “Severance Of Serenity” is a

Bootleg: “Dust Veiled Sky” from Nephylim!

Dutch Melodic Death Metallers Nephylim have shared a live cut of “Dust Veiled Sky” from the  Musicon Den Haag event on 21st August. The track appears on the bands January released sophomore album “Severance of Serenity” which popped five years after their debut “Torn“. You can snap up a copy here and feel free to

Bootleg: Nephylim in Holland!

31st January saw Nephylim take the stage at Wilhelm 2 Poppodium in Den Bosch Holland for the “Severance of Serenity” album release party! Culled from their set, here are “Reminiscence” and “Eye Of The Storm“. Their debut album is out now, check out our review and more importantly this band!

Review: “Severance Of Serenity” by Nephylim

A five member Melodic Death Metal band from the Hertogenbosch and Apeldoorn regions of the Netherlands, Nephylim have taken influences including Insomnium, At The Gates and Omnium Gatherum and looked to create their own sound following their 2015 debut EP “Torn“. The time between now and then has seen them replace vocalist Lisa van Dijk (ex-Solemnus)

NEWS Nephylim put their toes in the water…

Dutch Melodic Death Metallers Nephylim have made the rare move of putting out an album teaser sampler for their 18th January releasing debut full length “Severance of Serenity“. The album is a follow up to their 2015 debut EP “Torn” due to line up changes and tragedy and includes artwork by Jarno Lahti from KAAMOS