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NEWS: Morphide watch the skies…

Remaining in excellent company with the likes of Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist, Copenhagen Denmark based Morphide vocalist Eissa Zhovnerchuk has continued to impress with vocal covers during lockdown. Having already provided us with renditions of songs by Infected Rain, Jinjer, Lacuna Coil and Architects often with the accompaniment of João Medeiros who provides the

Bootleg: “Intuition” from Northlane!

A third cut from the now iconic Northlane set at The Sydney Roundhouse on 11th October 2019 has surfaced, this time in audio stream format. The set was live streamed pay per view last week (check out our review!) and has now made its way onto streaming services as a live album for your listening

Bootleg: “Details Matter” from Northlane!

Three weeks ago Australians Northlane announced a pay-per-view live stream performance captured at Sydney’s iconic venue The Roundhouse on 11th October 2019 with post show mixing and mastering. It’s a mulit-cam affair with the band chatting live throughout the screenings. Streaming on August 21st here and 22nd here via Netgigs: Sydney – 8pm London – 8pm Los Angeles

NEWS: KMAC2021 covers Northlane’s “Bloodline”!

When Scottish Metal Meme King Kmac2021 was announced on the bill for Tech-Fest 2020, we raised an eyebrow in ponderment on what kind of content he’d be delivering to the Fireball Whiskey Stage. He’s a talent musician in his own right but could equally deliver an off kilter alternative Comedy set. Taking a moment of

Review: “Kaliyuga” by In Hearts Wake

It’s safe to call Byron Bay natives In Hearts Wake veterans of the Australian Metalcore scene at this point with their debut album “Divination” dropping eight years ago in 2012. They’ve toured the Globe relentlessly and we’ve had the pleasure of their live show twice, once on the “Earthwalker” tour and more recently when they

Review: “Global Suicide” by Fixation

Getting the sound you want from your record relies on the person who is handling the mixing and mastering of it. As a band, handing your creations over and hoping that they sound as your vision was or perhaps better, must be a nerve jangling moment. But there are certain people who you can can

Playthrough: “Details Matter” from Northlane!

31st July will see the deluxe version of “Alien“, the fifth studio album from Northlane land on our doorstep. It may only have one new song on it in “Enemy Of The Night“ which was left over from the album sessions but it does include the album in full in instrumental form, so expect some vocal

NEWS: CrazyEightyEight cover RATM with 11 vocalists!

It seems that Jarrod Alonge and Jared Dines have buried the hatchet as in this new cover of “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine by the formers band CrazyEightyEight in support of the fight against Police brutality, the later is listed as one of a myriad of guest vocalists. For those not