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Review: “Glamorise Demise” by Headwreck

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in-house by Headwreck guitarist and vocalist Jamo Benadie, ‘Glamorise Demise’ is something of a concept EP that takes a journey through the stages of initial symptoms, false diagnosis and then dealing with the dissociative disorder of  Depersonalization and Derealization suffered by vocalist Connor Hickman. They are joined by drummer Colby

NEWS: Northlane be April foolin’?

Having returned to a fully independent state of being with no label or management Australian’s Northlane have announced that 1st April will see their sixth studio album and follow up to the the well received “Alien” landing on our doorsteps. The record is called “Obsidian” and the news has been accompanied by new cut “Echo

NEWS: Northlane announce acoustic EP with “Rift”!

Recorded all by vocalist Marcus Bridge during lockdown in Melbourne, Northlane are set to unveil an acoustic EP “2D” which features the most emotional cuts from the last album “Alien“, rediscovered in the most raw of formats. It’s accompanied by some stunning artwork from Ella Baudinet. That will be available alongside their remix EP “5G”

NEWS: Morphide take on “Clockwork”!

All that glitters may not be Gold but when it comes to Morphide, it’s pretty damn close and it shouldn’t be long before they’re playing some big stages and rubbing shoulders with Metals elite. Until then, vocalist Eissa Zhovnerchuk has been bringing vocal covers to test our Metal and this time out she’s chosen the

NEWS: Northlane ink official theme song…

Looking like a beggar running down a road before being relentlessly followed by a car that his an eerie tip of the hat to Steven King’s “Christine“, Marcus Bridge is the only member of Australian Industrial Metal titans Northlane to appear in the video for the bands brand new single “Clockwork“, directed by Jason Eshrangian.

Bootleg: Northlane in Sydney!

The first show of the “Alien” World Tour, filmed at the UNSW Roundhouse in Sydney Australia on 11th October 2019 which was released as a pay per view stream with vocalist Marcus Bridge in the accompanying live chat has been officially released by Northlane in all its glory on YouTube. It has been available in

NEWS: Morphide watch the skies…

Remaining in excellent company with the likes of Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist, Copenhagen Denmark based Morphide vocalist Eissa Zhovnerchuk has continued to impress with vocal covers during lockdown. Having already provided us with renditions of songs by Infected Rain, Jinjer, Lacuna Coil and Architects often with the accompaniment of João Medeiros who provides the

Bootleg: “Intuition” from Northlane!

A third cut from the now iconic Northlane set at The Sydney Roundhouse on 11th October 2019 has surfaced, this time in audio stream format. The set was live streamed pay per view last week (check out our review!) and has now made its way onto streaming services as a live album for your listening

Bootleg: “Details Matter” from Northlane!

Three weeks ago Australians Northlane announced a pay-per-view live stream performance captured at Sydney’s iconic venue The Roundhouse on 11th October 2019 with post show mixing and mastering. It’s a mulit-cam affair with the band chatting live throughout the screenings. Streaming on August 21st here and 22nd here via Netgigs: Sydney – 8pm London – 8pm Los Angeles