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NEWS: CrazyEightyEight cover RATM with 11 vocalists!

It seems that Jarrod Alonge and Jared Dines have buried the hatchet as in this new cover of “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine by the formers band CrazyEightyEight in support of the fight against Police brutality, the later is listed as one of a myriad of guest vocalists. For those not

Bootleg: Acoustic set from Marcus Bridge of Northlane!

Yesterday saw Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge pick up an acoustic guitar and record a stream full show of around 85 minutes. Tunes, stories and bloopers are all in the video with the recently streamed “Enemy Of The Night” from the upcoming deluxe version of “Alien” taking pride of place. There is also a previously unreleased

NEWS: Northlane suffer night terrors?

Having leaked earlier this week UNFD have announced officially that there will be a deluxe edition of “Alien” by Northlane being released on 31st July. It will be available in pink vinyl edition with pre-orders here as well as digitally and features the entire album in instrumental form as well as “Enemy Of The Night“,

NEWS: In Hearts Wake prepare for the end…

It seems that Australian Metalcore act In Hearts Wake are going to style shift somewhat with their next album if single “Worldwide Suicide“ is anything to go by. That was released a couple of weeks back and now the band have offered a PhaseOne Remix of the track as they prepare of something that will follow

Bootleg: Dealer in Lakewood Ohio!

10th March 2020 saw Australian’s Dealer (ex-Northlane, ex-Alpha Wolf and more) play one of the final shows on the “Root of All Evil” tour with Spite. Pro-shot by Leo Sypniewski at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio and including “Blade in the Bullet Wound“, “Melancholy Oxidase” and “Tourniquet“, here’s the full set from them.

Bootleg: Dealer in Atlanta!

Filmed at Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia on 29th February 2020, here’s a set of tracks from Dealer as they continue to support Spite on The Root of All Evil tour. Their surprise released EP “Saint” appeared out of nowhere a couple of weeks back and on their current release rate they’ll have an album out

Review: “Saint” EP by Dealer

Since March 2019 and the arrival of their debut 6 track EP “Soul Burn“, Melbourne Australia based super group Dealer have been turning a lot of heads with their abrasive take on Gloom Metal with a pinch of Deathcore and some Nu-Metal bounce in the mix. The project has a line up that consists of

NEWS: Dealer announce “Saint” with “Tourniquet”!

And when you weren’t looking, having announced a wealth of shows for 2020, including trips from their native Australia to Japan and the US, Dealer have only gone and dropped a sophomore EP! Entitled “Saint“, it sees a video for “Tourniquet” out today via Stay Sick Recordings. A super group that has ex-Northlane, ex-Alpha Wolf,

Interview: Northlane talk to Impericon!

The “Alien” World tour for Australian DJentlemen Northlane has been a huge success and while in Germany they played as game of “would you rather…” with Impericon. We’re expecting the Australians to be sinking their beers in Europe with a festival run this summer. Download anyone?