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Review: “Stronger Than All” by Aguzzi

Inspired by the music of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Ozzy Osbourne, Max Aguzzi founded Dragonhammer in 1999 with Gae Amodio and band released a string of Power Metal albums until his exit for personal reasons in October 2018. Now back with a new band in a different style, he’s joined by seasoned musicians Emiliano Cantiano

Under The Influence #75: Inner Circles on “Materia” by Novembre!

Known as one of Italy’s most eclectic and prolific Metal outfits, Novembre have been working their way through the maddening crowds since the early 90’s as the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Carmelo Orlando, who up until a hiatus at the end of the touring cycle for their 2007 album “The Blue” was joined by