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Bootleg: “Anticosmic Overload” from Obscura!

While we wait for new music from the re-tooled German Progressive Death Metallers Obscura, they have offered us another aperitif. It comes in the form of “Anticosmic Overload” filmed in 2011 at Way Of Darkness Festival in Bavaria and dug out of the bands personal archive. Officially, although we’re sure something will come along sooner,

Playthrough: “Convergence” from Obscura!

German Progressive Death Metallers Obscura seem to have completed work on their next album with a re-tooled line up and have shared some impressive photographs of a new drummer David Diepold’s recording sessions and a the gargantuan drum kit he’s been using for them. As their 2016 album “Akroasis” has now surpassed it’s 5th Anniversary,

Review: “The Futility Of Man” by Tectonic Displacement!

Hailing from Kiruna, Sweden Tectonic Displacement recorded their debut EP “The Futility Of Man” with Johan Karlsson (Toxic Crypt, Reaper’s Mark, Long Road To Success) at JSK Audio, where he also handled mixing and mastering duties. Coupled with stunning artwork by Andreas Johansson, the quartet of Tim Engström (Guitars and Vocals), David Nutti (Guitar), Kristoffer

Review: “Cortex” by Mindwork

After an eight year hiatus Prague-based Progressive Death Metal band Mindwork are back with a new line up and new music. Original members Martin Schuster (vocals, guitars) and Filip Kittnar (drums) are joined by new pairing Jiri Rambousek (lead guitars) and Dominik Vozobule (bass) for a new EP mastered by the legendary Jens Bogren (Sepultura,

Exclusive Interview: Demonstealer talk “And This Too Shall Pass”!

Adorned by artwork by Indonesian artist Adi Dechristianize (Embalmer, Disgorge) and mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland by Wojciech Wieslawski and Slawomir Wieslawski (Decapitated, Hour Of Penance, Vader, Behemoth), the new EP “And This Too Shall Pass” by Demonstealer is an absolute hidden treasure. The project is the work of multi instrumentalist Sahil Makhija, whose previous

Review: “And This Too Shall Pass” by Demonstealer

It has been 2 years since 2018’s “The Last Reptilian Warrior” from Mumbai-based Death Metal multi-instrumentalist, Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer graced us with its presence and after a successful crowd funding campaign in August, the result is “And This Too Shall Pass”, inspired by the great plague of 2020. An extreme music veteran and a

Review: “Fragments of Solace” by Profanity

“We wanted to transport the vibe of the most important death metal releases for us from the 90s into the present and mix it with our vision of extreme music. For the type of music we play, some of the most influential albums were released in the 90s. This is the music we grew up

Bootleg: “Desolate Spheres” from Obscura!

Returning to their set from Up From The Ground Festival in 2006 for a second time, German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura have shared “Desolate Spheres“, which was one of the first songs completed for their sophomore album “Cosmogenesis” with  audio taken in its raw state, directly from the camera itself. Last month saw them share

Bootleg: “Alone” from Obscura!

As German Progressive Technical Death Metallers Obscura enter a new era with a new line up and new album on the horizon, band have been diving into unseen archive footage. The latest of those to surface is “Alone” cut from the bands set at Up From The Ground Festival in 2006 with audio taken in