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Bootleg: Fit For An Autopsy at Bloodstock!

From the Ronnie James Dio main stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in Catton Park, Derbyshire, England last summer, a pro-shot full set from American Post-Deathcore purveyors Fit For An Autopsy is a timely reminder of just how important the festival is. From “A Higher Level of Hate” to “Far From Heaven“, this is 45

Playthrough: “Hellions” from Fit For An Autopsy!

Filmed during the “Godlike” European tour trek with Thy Art Is Murder, dedicated drum cam footage of Josean Ortega hammering out “Hellions” with his band of Deathcore transcending monsters Fit For An Autopsy is a thing of beauty. That was in Prague in the Czech Republic on 10th October, a cut taken from their three

NEWS: Fit For An Autopsy share Lamb Of God cover!

Proving why Lamb Of God asked Joe Badolato to fill in for Randy Blythe for some shows when he suffered from the plague in spring, New Jersey Post-Deathcore collective Fit For An Autopsy have shared a cover of “Walk With Me In Hell“. Doing things how they should be done, Lamb Of God have repaid

Playthrough: “Far From Heaven” from Fit For An Autopsy!

Continuing a rich vein of playthrough videos, New Jersey Post-Deathcore Kings Fit For An Autopsy┬áhave let bassist Peter “Blue” Spinazola out of the basement to showcase “Far From Heaven” from their latest burnt offering “Oh What The Future Holds“. The band will be back upon our shores in January with Trivium, Heaven Shall Burn and

Playthrough: “Two Towers” from Fit For An Autopsy!

After Patrick Sheridan dropped a playthrough video for “Pandora“, it’s only right that his fellow riff slinger and the man he looks to stage right under those lights Tim Howley gets a moment in the studio. He’s been filmed playing through “Two Towers” as “Oh What The Future Holds” continues to delight as the band

Playthrough: “Pandora” from Fit For An Autopsy!

One of those moments that you simply don’t forget happened when we saw Fit For An Autopsy at Camden Underworld way back when. Who should be walking the line before the doors opened with a camera just saying hello to the fans? Patrick Sheridan that’s who. Then he played a blinder when the band took