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Documentary: Once Awake UK Tour 2023 #3!

Continuing our thinly veiled Star Wars jokes [which aren’t funny in the slightest ~ Ed], episode #3: Revenge Of The Sith finds Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake travelling around the United Kingdom. Filmed by Phoenic Media the series is airing while the band are writing the next chapter in their illustrious history with

Documentary: Once Awake UK Tour 2023 #2!

Episode #2, subtitled “Attack Of The Clones” of the tour documentary that followed Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake around the United Kingdom has aired courtesy of Phoenic Media as the band end the chapter on their self titled fourth album with “Bury Your Soul” ringing in our ears. Currently locked in a basement

Throwback “Ever So Cold” by Once Awake!

Six years down the track and the debut album “Ever So Cold” from Norwegian Death Metal act Once Awake hasn’t aged a bit. While it may not have been as successful or well received as 2020’s “Bridgeburner” or 2022’s self titled offerings it’s still a savage taste of what the band have to offer and

Documentary: Once Awake UK Tour 2023 #1!

Having toured across Europe last year with Infected Rain and Dagoba, 2023 brought Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake to the United Kingdom. The Phantom Menace episode of a tour documentary that followed them has appeared while Hans, Andrè, Ørjan and Frode begin to write material for their fifth album. What more could you

NEWS: Once Awake announce January 2023 shows!

…with Imonolith forced to cancel their several times rescheduled European tour trek due to the bankruptcy of a booking agency, support act Once Awake have had Echelon talent agency pull out all the stops and book them a run of UK shows to compensate. The Melodic Death Metallers self titled album is of course out

NEWS: Once Awake admit to dirty deeds done cheap?

Filmed by Ronny Folkestad and put together by Hans Petter Solen on the Ecdysis By Night Tour as the band joined headliners Infected Rain and Dagoba across Europe, Once Awake have dropped a music video for one called “My Deed“. A little more than your classic live video it also has a few behind the scenes moments

NEWS: Once Awake take on a P.O.D. classic?

With a fourth studio album less than a month away, German Metalcore merchants Once Awake have unveiled a cover of “Alive” by P.O.D. as a second single from, paying homage to the Nu-Metal genre from their youth. Produced, mixed and mastered by Hans Petter Solen it follows “Ashes Of An Enemy” out of the gate

Documentary: Imonolith recording drums for “Angevil”!

Canadian Metallers Imonolith who feature in their ranks members and former members of Threat Signal, The Devin Townsend Project, Econoline Crush and Methods of Mayhem have had to wait so long to be able to tour their album “State Of Being” that they returned to the studio to record a follow up EP entitled “Progressions“.