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NEWS: Once Awake seek justice once more?

While how long we have to wait and what the title is remains a mystery, Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake have shared “Injustice“, the first single from and upcoming new album. That follows the news of an April UK tour that will take them to this year’s incarnation of Dundee Metal Fest where Catalysis, Dog

NEWS: Once Awake march across the United Kingdom in April!

Taking them to this year’s incarnation of Dundee Metal Fest, which will find them sharing a stage with Catalysis, Dog Tired and Solar Sons, Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake have announced a HUGE run of United Kingdom shows for April. How much their appearance has to do with guitarist Hans Petter Solen mixing

Documentary: The writing of “Betrayer” with Catalysis!

Mixed and mastered by Once Awake guitarist Hans Petter Solen, the new Catalysis album “Betrayer” is a thing of dark beauty so it’s only right that the Scottish Metalcore Kings share with us a making of featurette. For the purpose they’ve put guitarist duo Drew Cochrane and Sean Ramson in front of the camera and

Review: “Betrayer” by Catalysis

The continued rise of Dundee based Metal act Catalysis has been nothing short of phenomenal with 2022 a year of highs for the five piece. Not only did they win Metal 2 The Masses for Scotland and play Bloodstock Open Air Festival but they also got awarded the Best Metal at the Scottish Alternative Music

NEWS: Catalysis announce “Betrayer” with “Gone”!

Including a guest vocal appearance from Amy Wilkinson of Trauma Bonds fame, Dundee Metalcore merchants and Bloodstock favourites Catalysis have announced that 15th December will see the arrival of a sophomore album in “Betrayer” from them. That will feature no less than 10 fresh cuts with Once Awake guitarist Hans Petter Solen chosen for the

NEWS: Once Awake premier “The Modern God’s Hand”!

While they continue to work away at a new album, Norwegian Metalcore merchants Once Awake have unveiled a new single in “The Modern God’s Hand” accompanied by a music video filmed by Phonic Media Production. Unlikely to appear on the aforementioned new album, this one forms part of a deluxe version of the bands 2022

Documentary: Once Awake UK Tour 2023 #3!

Continuing our thinly veiled Star Wars jokes [which aren’t funny in the slightest ~ Ed], episode #3: Revenge Of The Sith finds Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake travelling around the United Kingdom. Filmed by Phoenic Media the series is airing while the band are writing the next chapter in their illustrious history with

Documentary: Once Awake UK Tour 2023 #2!

Episode #2, subtitled “Attack Of The Clones” of the tour documentary that followed Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake around the United Kingdom has aired courtesy of Phoenic Media as the band end the chapter on their self titled fourth album with “Bury Your Soul” ringing in our ears. Currently locked in a basement

Throwback “Ever So Cold” by Once Awake!

Six years down the track and the debut album “Ever So Cold” from Norwegian Death Metal act Once Awake hasn’t aged a bit. While it may not have been as successful or well received as 2020’s “Bridgeburner” or 2022’s self titled offerings it’s still a savage taste of what the band have to offer and

Documentary: Once Awake UK Tour 2023 #1!

Having toured across Europe last year with Infected Rain and Dagoba, 2023 brought Norwegian Melodic Death Metal act Once Awake to the United Kingdom. The Phantom Menace episode of a tour documentary that followed them has appeared while Hans, Andrè, Ørjan and Frode begin to write material for their fifth album. What more could you