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Interview: Vexed and Pulse talk “Negative Energy”!

What could be better than a swan dive into the asphalt? How about an interview in which Napalm Records signed Progressive Deathcore collective Vexed do a Q&A with the band who are doing direct support for them on the “Negative Energy” UK headlining tour in October in Pulse? Two of those six shows are already

NEWS: Pulse aren’t ones for taking liberties!

Track number #4 of #6 from the debut epilogue “ourpulseisyours” that sees former Harbinger vocalist Thom Gardner reborn in Nu-Metalcore outfit Pulse has surfaced. Entitled “Liberty”, it sees Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeny, who also Mixed and Mastered the affair out 2nd April make a timely guest appearance. It had to happen and having seen Gardner

NEWS: Pulse search for “Unity”?

When Tom Gardner existed Harbinger saying that he wasn’t in love with the Technical side of their music anymore, many thought he was done. But his new band Pulse continue to launch singles in a Nu-Metalcore vein with a lyric video for something of a call to arms that is “Unity“. Their EP “Our Pulse

NEWS: Pulse search for the pure…

Mixed and Mastered by Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney, the return of former Harbinger vocalist Tom Gardner will be cemented when his new outfit Pulse deliver their debut 7 track record “yourpulseisours” on 9th April 2021. They’ve dropped their third single “Purity” with a video that features flashing imagery and a guest vocal appearance from Jack