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Bootleg: Section H8 at 1720 Warehouse!

Pro-Shot by 197 Media at the 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles California on 7th July, here’s full set from locals Section H8! Their current release “Phase 1” is a short, sharp system shock so it’s safe to say that their live show should be no different!

Bootleg: Section H8 in California!

Pro-Shot by 197 Media on 19th April, here’s a full set from Section H8 at 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles California! Their home town show sees them playing cuts from the 2018 Devil’s Night recording “Phase One” which available over at bandcamp.

Bootleg: Section H8 at Toxic Toast Records!

A 10 minute burst of Los Angeles Californian Hardcore Punk quintet Section H8 at Toxic Toast Records? Pro-Shot on 21st February, it sees the band at their live finest. Captured on Devils Night 2018 at The Pit by Taylor Young and then Mastered by Will Dandy at Dead Air Studios, the bands debut EP “Phase