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NEWS: Red Tongue Ghost have 9 Syllables for us…

A Blackend Stoner Sludge Metal Trio Red Tongue Ghost hailing from Chicago, Illinois (the last place you’d expect to find such a beast, but hey, why not?) have returned to their 7th February released debut full length album “Ghost Stories I” to create a music video for “9 Syllable Ritual“. That’s pretty low hanging fruit

NEWS: Red Tongue Ghost admit to starting small fires…

Having previously released a test demo beta version, Red Tongue Ghost have returned with the full video for “Church Arsonist“. The track appears on the Blackened Stoner Sludge trio from Chicago, Illinois 7th February released debut full length album “Ghost Stories I” available over at bandcamp.

Review: “Ghost Stories I” by Red Tongue Ghost

Hailing from Chicago Illnois and calling themselves Blackened Stoner Metal, Red Tongue Ghost are a trio comprising Lihp (Vocalist/Bassist), Bor (Guitarist/Backing Vocals) and Rej (Drums) who have embraced their inner Norwegian ancestors and taken up traditional Black Metal names. Each member is a veteran of the Chicago Metal scene and forming this new project in

NEWS: Red Tongue Ghost demo “Church Arsonist” video!

Chicago, Illinois Blackened Stoner Sludge trio Red Tongue Ghost have gone green screen with a demo of a music video for “Church Arsonist“. The surreal offering appears incomplete so we’re expecting the fully fledged version to appear fairly shortly with their 7th February released “Ghost Stories I” available over at bandcamp.