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Documentary: The writing of “Betrayer” with Catalysis!

Mixed and mastered by Once Awake guitarist Hans Petter Solen, the new Catalysis album “Betrayer” is a thing of dark beauty so it’s only right that the Scottish Metalcore Kings share with us a making of featurette. For the purpose they’ve put guitarist duo Drew Cochrane and Sean Ramson in front of the camera and

Review: “Betrayer” by Catalysis

The continued rise of Dundee based Metal act Catalysis has been nothing short of phenomenal with 2022 a year of highs for the five piece. Not only did they win Metal 2 The Masses for Scotland and play Bloodstock Open Air Festival but they also got awarded the Best Metal at the Scottish Alternative Music

NEWS: Catalysis sacrifice “Kingmaker”!

“Gone“, “Mea Culpa“, “Gallows” and now “Kingmaker” are the four advanced singles to appear from Dundee Scotland Metalcore masters Catalysis ahead of their new album “Betrayer” on 15th December. Those cuts have earned the band 25.5k of Spotify streams alone while showing the promise of a record mixed and mastered Once Awake guitarist Hans Petter

NEWS: Catalysis accept the blame?

Continuing to utilize the skills of videographer Dylan McVey, Dundee Metalcore merchants and Bloodstock favourites Catalysis have offered up a second preview of their sophomore album in “Betrayer”. That will see release on 15th December, having been mixed and mastered Once Awake guitarist Hans Petter Solen and is adorned by artwork from Mark Cruncher. The second single

Bootleg: “Shadow Parasite” and “Nothing Left” from Catalysis!

As this year’s incarnation of Bloodstock Open Air Festival fast approaches, Scottish Metalcore Kings Catalysis have released another prize pair from their set at the festival in 2022. Pro-shot, “Shadow Parasite” from 2022 EP “Innova” and “Nothing Left” from 2018’s self titled record are the cuts of choice from a band who won the Best

Playthrough: “Echo Chamber” from Catalysis!

Scottish Metalcore Kings Catalysis have once again locked guitarist duo Drew Cochrane and Sean Ramson in a room to record a playthrough video, this time “Echo Chamber” getting the  treatment. If you like what you hear the band have a unique offering here in “Samsara“, a record that conjoins previous EP pairing “Relicta” and “Innova”

Playthrough: “Shadow Parasite” from Catalysis!

There can be no disguising the fact that we love Catalysis having reviewed their album “Connection Lost” in 2020 and the following pair of EPs, all mixed and mastered by Death Metal legend Mendel Bij De Leij formerly of Aborted we crowned them Kings of Scottish Groove Metal. Here’s a playthrough video from the band that sees

Bootleg: “Forgiven Not Forgotten” from Catalysis!

Courtesy of Will Ryan and The Doomsday Report, here’s multi cam footage of Scottish Metalcore merchants Catalysis performing “Forgiven Not Forgotten” at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow. The band have just dropped a new EP in “Innova” as they continue a prolific hot streak and so naturally they also spoke to them in this in depth

Exclusive Interview: Catalysis talk “Innova”!

The rise of the Dundee Scotland based Groove Metal quintet Catalysis has been nothing short of meteoric as they’ve brought riffs galore to the Kings table, gradually building upon the concrete foundations of each prior release and when it seems impossible, outdoing themselves in the process. Their latest offering “Innova” is a stone wall classic

Review: “Innova” by Catalysis

If you haven’t been following the journey of Dundee Scotland based Groove Metal quintet Catalysis thus far then you won’t know that they formed in late 2016 and have been nothing short of prolific since, releasing a trio of studio EPs and a debut full length since 2017’s “Into the Unknown“. Returning to the tried