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NEWS: Misstiq remixes Traitors!

Taking “Intro” from the new Traitors album “Repent” and adding her own synth spin, Deathcore Queen Misstiq continues her jam series in her very own “Too Slam To Give A Damn” style.

Review: “Repent” by Traitors

373 days. That’s 12 months and 8 days. That’s how long it’s been since the highly influential Tampa Florida natives Traitors dropped their last album “Anger Issues”. Having laid the band to rest with a farewell tour and then announced their return just 5 months later, the smart money seemed to be on the band

NEWS: Traitors aren’t “Left To Rot”!

Having dropped on an unsuspecting World new single “Dwell” back in October, Floridan Deathcore heavyweights Traitors have returned with a second new single from a forthcoming album! While there is no release date pencilled in or pre-orders available as yet, the cover art for “Repent” has appeared. The new song? It’s called “Left To Rot”!