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Bootleg: Revolve at Glasgow Audio!

One of many highlights of this summer’s incarnation of Upsurge Festival, Glaswegian Metallic Hardcore act Revolve were filmed once again by David Tan, Kathryn McBride and Ross Hutton at Audio Lounge in Glasgow on 3rd October. They launched their second assault on Mother Earth with “Dragged Into Extinction” in February. It’s available over at bandcamp.

Bootleg: Revolve at Upsurge Festival!

Pro-Shot by David Tan and Owen Diplock at this summer’s second incarnation of Upsurge Festival at The New Cross Inn, here’s the full set from Scottish Hardcore crew Revolve who feature in their ranks former members of xServitudex!  

Bootleg: Revolve at Glasgow Audio!

Pro-Shot by David Tan Kathryn McBride, Ross Hutton and Johnny Fowler at Glasgow Audio on 15th August, here’s a Multi-Cam full set from Revolve! One of the highlights of Upsurge Festival just a couple of days later and featuring former members of xServitudex, they’re a frenzied attack of Metallic Hardcore!

Live Review: Upsurge Festival Day #1: Saturday

We’re at the New Cross Inn for the second incarnation of Upsurge Festival! After a few days or rain, today is glorious sunshine and it’s hot inside the venue. There have been a number of pull outs in the lead up to the festival, most notably with Inhuman Nature being absent and no reasoning offered