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NEWS: Cane Hill get bloody…

After “Krewe De La Mort: Vol 1” marked their return to independence at the beginning of April you might have thought that Cane Hill would take a break and let us muse upon their return to heavier territory. Instead they’ve flipped the script and dropped “Blood & Honey Part 1” and it seems that they’re

NEWS: Spiritbox enter the circle…

…it’s about time we had some new music from Spiritbox as they’ve been as bold as brass about working on it. The Rise Records signings have given us “Circle With Me” which is as blatant a call to the circle pit as you can get, especially with the huge breakdown and colossal vocal range of

Playthrough: “Power Of The High” from Cane Hill!

When guitarist James Barnett announced in a Twitch Interview that Louisiana Nu-Metallers Cane Hill were planning to release a series of EPs during 2021 instead of a new album having gone independent after leaving Rise Records, it certainly raised an eyebrow. But the three tracks premiered so far have seen the band return to the

Interview: Cane Hill talk Religion with Mosh Talks!

Having left Rise Records and gone independent, Cane Hill have turned their amps up and returned to the heavier material of old with their recent singles. In the latest episode of the Mosh Talks series, Beez from Knotfest chats to vocalist Elijah Witt about the bands explosive new single “God Is The Enemy“, Mental Health,

Playthrough: “Erase” from Bloodbather!

…with the exception of The Acacia Strain, our vote for the heaviest band on the Rise Records roster goes to Bloodbather. They’ve let guitarist Salem Vex out of the Chamber of Secrets to record a playthrough video for “Erased” from their new EP “Silenced” using an ESP LTD Black Metal with Bareknuckle Warpig Ceramic Bridge

Documentary: Varials Recording new material #4!

After another three months of silence, Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Metallic Hardcore mob Varials have thrown us the fourth part of their life in quarantine series that sees them back in the studio. They’re working with Josh Schroeder (King 810, Gift Giver) on their as yet unnamed third album, the follow up to 2019’s “In Darkness” and this

Review: “Silence” by Bloodbather

A few years back the bands who had albums released via Rise Records had a signature sound and while that has been something broken with the likes of The Acacia Strain signing for the label, it still makes us raise an eyebrow when we hear that a band of the nature of Broward County California’s

NEWS: Skywalker sing “Charon’s Song”!

…with “Late Eternity” just around the corner on 19th February, Pale Chord Records have reminded us just how good post hardcore quartet Skywalker really are with a music video for “Charon’s Song” that sees the band dancing on a Persian inspired rug. The limited edition vinyl pressing is available for pre-order here…

Playthrough: “Void” by Bloodbather!

Bareknuckle Pickups Warpig Ceramic Bridge on an ESP Limited Edition Black Metal guitar with 10-52 gauge strings and the STL Putney SIM is how Rise Records Broward County Californian Deathcore act Bloodbather achieve the tone they used for October 2020 EP “Silence“. Here’s a playthrough for single “Void” for they can show you how it’s

NEWS: Cane Hill return with “Kill Me”!

Going down that yellow brick road made of candy (Werther’s Originals?) has lead Cane Hill to release their second HEAVY single of 2020 in “Kill Me“. The cut which follows the impressive “Power of The High” which made the Devils Dozen playlist also comes with a music video directed by Khader Alherimi and Joey Vasatka