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Throwback: “The Impaler” from The Acacia Strain!

Produced by Christopher “Zeuss” Harris and featuring guest vocal appearance from Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), Bruce LePage (100 Demons) and Kyle Chard (Born Low), the summer of 2010 saw “Wormwood“, the fifth studio album from American Deathcore titans The Acacia Strain land like a punch in the guts and the product of the writing partnership between

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Philadelphia!

Pro-shot at Underground Arts in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on 14th December, here’s a full set from Texas Metallic Hardcore brutes Kublai Khan. It’s as fresh as BREWSLANG coffee, released at the end of November in partnership with The Bean Bastard, a light roast with Sweet, Fried Fruit and Honey Notes from  Rwanda. So when are they

Playthrough: “Secret Garden” from Spiritbox!

Filmed at The Hallway Studios in Los Angeles California by Alex Bernis, Spiritbox guitarist Mike Stringer has laid down a guitar playthrough video for “Secret Garden“, a cut approaching the 5m Spotify streams mark, using the new Neural DSP Quad Cortex and a capture from an Omega Granophyre 100 watt head. The guitar itself is

Playthrough: “We Came And You Were Silent” from Bloodbather!

Armed for the apocalypse with and ESP LTD  Black Metal tuned in Drop C, laced with Ernie Ball strings gauging from 11 to 52, Bareknucle Warpig Ceramic Bridge pickups and connected to the STL Tonality all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed exclusively with the Signature Guitar sound of none other than Will Putney (Fit For An

NEWS: Bloodbather rise from silence!

South Florida Deathcore collective Bloodbather have returned with a cut in “We Came And You Were Silent” that marks their first since last years well received EP “Silence“, the accompanying music video for which comes with a flashing images seizure warning. If you’re looking for schizophrenically chaotic shifts, skull battering breakdowns and Post Nu-Metal sickness

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Michigan!

Hamtramck Michigan at The Sanctuary is where this pro-shot full set from Metallic Hardcore brutes Kublai Khan was captured on 11th August 2021. The show was one of the sold out ones on a run with I AM and Chamber before the band hook up with The Acacia Strain on a tour with two back to

NEWS: Spiritbox don’t shy away from the pain…

Following Courtney LaPlante’s guest vocal appearance on the DJent fueled new single from Crown The Empire, Rise Records have decided to offer up a fifth single in “Hurt You” from the highly anticipated and long awaited album “Eternal Blue” by Spiritbox. That will finally drop on 17th September, which still seems like eternity away but

NEWS: Crown The Empire return with DJent!

Well, well, well. Three holes in the ground. We did not see this coming. Not only have Crown The Empire returned with a DJent fueled new single but somehow they have managed to convince Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox to drop a guest vocal on it. The cut is called “In Another Life” and has premiered

NEWS: Spiritbox take “Constance” acoustic!

…with “Eternal Blue” out via Rise Records on 17th September being preceded by four instantly available singles on pre-order, Canadian trio Spiritbox had to do something special to bridge the summer long gap. So Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer have recorded a stripped down acoustic version of “Constance” with a string trio that is also available

NEWS: Cane Hill believe we all know…

Joining the growing stack of singles that Cane Hill have released since throwing a Molotov cocktail through the windows of Rise Records and going independent is “All We Know“, a cut the band have said is actually the first they wrote since their acoustic electronic record “Kill The Sun“. They haven’t actually said if it