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Review: “Shamecult” EP by Shamecult

Bringing out new music under anther name when you’re already in an established band with a known style is always something of a risk. But it’s one that Shamecult, a new band featuring Outline in Color vocalist Trevor Trato and guitarist Michael Skaggs (also of Miss Fortune) have taken the plunge with. Alongside former members of Conquer Divide (bassist Ashley Colby)

Bootleg: Outline In Color in Lakewood Ohio!

Denver Colorado Post-hardcore quintet Outline In Color at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio on 14th July 2016. Pro-Shot in High Definition. Australian tour poster? Yeah. Frontman Trevor Tatro (also of Shamecult) gurning deserves a showing! The bands 2016 album “Struggle” is available anywhere worth picking up music from.