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Documentary: Inside the store with Alpha Wolf!

Round our way we get pop-up stores for Art Galleries, Christmas and food stalls but those lucky enough to be in Melbourne Victoria Australia got the opportunity to walk into one opened up by Nu-Metalcore crew Alpha Wolf. So good that they got Rowon Donohue and Sabian Lynch to film something to let us have

NEWS: Polaris share “Vagabond” music video ahead of Australian tour!

For some reason Australian Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris have decided that we need a reminder about their Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Void Of Vision Gravemind) produced album “The Death Of Me” which is out now via SharpTone Records, so ahead of their Australian headlining tour they’ve dropped a music video for “Vagabond“. It maybe a

NEWS: Currents push their fingers into their eyes…

When the touring cycles start up once more the Impericon Never Say Die Tour will be storming across Europe in November with Polaris, Emmure, Spite and Gravemind to name but a few taking the stage together. Another one of those bands is Currents, who have chosen to take a minute and remind us of their

NEWS: Loathe take “The Things They Believe” visual!

Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe have presented us with a visual accompaniment to their surprise released ambient instrumental record “The Things They Believe“, a full 35 minutes and 35 seconds, via SharpTone Records. It appears the day before vocalist Kadeem France takes his place alongside a plethora of other talent on the re-imagined version of “Hyperdaze”

Playthrough: “Toska” by Curses!

There is nothing quite like a five string bass and in the hands of Michael Olivares from West Virginia Progressive Metalcore outfit Curses, the instrument becomes an extension of his body. He’s returned to King Studios, a regular haunt of the band, for a playthrough video for “Toska” edited by Pathogen Productions with the song

Bootleg: “No Name” from Alpha Wolf!

Filmed by live in Beijing China on 17th August 2019, here’s “No Name” from Alpha Wolf. Behind the camera are Sabian Lynch from 104 Creative who shot the “A Quiet Place To Die” making of festurette and a friend they’re calling Stan The Man. Go Pro’s at the ready, we need these Australian Nu-Metalcore merchants

Playthrough: “Hypermania” from Polaris!

Oh how the Great Plague of 2020 robbed us. We would have seen Australian Progressive Metalcore merchants Polaris on their run with Alpha Wolf, Currents and Varials in May, had the whole year not gone up in smoke. Fortunately we were lucky enough to see them on previous runs, including their support slot for Northlane

Playthrough: “Gored” from Loathe!

It’s been one hell of a week for Liverpool Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe. A surprise released ambient instrumental album entitled “The Things They Believe” appeared out of no-where on streaming platforms with this article appearing in Kerrang! Magazine at the same time and now Erik Bickerstaffe and Connor Sweeney have got their finest clobber on

NEWS: Of Mice & Men are “Timeless”?

Questionable headlines aside, it’s interesting that a band the size that Of Mice & Men are should choose to put out some extended plays rather than a full blown record at this moment in their careers and to that end, they’ve let SharpTone Records give us the title track of the release from the 26th

Bootleg: Crystal Lake at Brutal Assault!

When you have limited time you have to make it count and that’s exactly what Japanese Metalcore merchants Crystal Lake did with their 15 minutes of fame at Brutal Assault Festival in 2019. They smashed a trio of cuts in “Lost in Forever“, “Apollo“, “Prometheus” before dropping the mic and exiting stage left as this