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Throwback: “Charon” from Shokran!

While we wait for guitarist and composer Dmitry Demyanenko to recover from an accident that nearly saw the loss of his leg and the follow up to 2019’s critically acclaimed “Ethereal“, which will feature returning vocalist Sergey Raev, we’re heading back to 2014 and “Charon” from the almighty Shokran. Part of the “Supreme Truth” album

NEWS: Shokran seek an oasis in the drought!

Due to the need for guitarist Dmitry Demyanenko to have another operation next month as he continues to recover from injury suffered when his push bike was hit by a car in February and shattered his leg, Shokran have announced that the release of their new album which was planned for October has now been

NEWS: Shokran return with “Thoth: The Silent Witness”!

1,666 days after the release of their incredible album “Ethereal“, Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran have unleashed new single  “Thoth: The Silent Witness“, despite mastermind Dmitry Demyanenko still in recovery from a cycling accident in Indonesia in February. That saw him with a double open fracture of his leg and a broken collarbone. As for the

NEWS: Shokran share Stranger Things theme!

The silence from Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran has been broken with Guitarist Dmitry Demyanenko not only announcing that the band have a new album prepared but also a cover of the Stranger Things theme. That should come as no surprise with the band having thrown down a rendition of the theme from John Carpenter’s Halloween

Review: “Self Titled” by Buried Realm

Having reviewed sophomore album “Embodiment of the Divine” in 2020, the third chapter in the journey of multi instrumentalist and vocalist Josh Dummer’s solo studio project Buried Realm is without doubt one of the most highly anticipated releases of the summer if not the whole of 2022. As with that record, this new self titled

Planet Metal #2: Mother Russia!

The second installment of our Planet Metal series sees us traveling from Italy to Russian shores to provide you with five bands from the region that we think are very much worthy of your time as they have demanded our attention over recent releases. From Death Metal to Progressive Technical and Deathcore, these bands are

Review: “Goatacalypse” by Bite The Goat

Saint Petersburg, Russia isn’t necessary the first place you’d think of as being home to a Technical Progressive Deathcore act. Mind you, would you even think that the words ‘Technical‘ and ‘Progressive‘ could be used to describe Deathcore? Well… Why not? If you can have Skate Punk Thrash then you can have Technical Progressive Deathcore.

Playthrough: “Unbodied” from Shokran!

The thing about Tech-Fest is that the organizers have the ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat and frequently do with bands appearing like DVSR and Shokran who, frankly we might not have had the opportunity to see live under any other circumstances. The Russians have shared a guitar playthrough for “Unbodied” to

NEWS: Shokran remake “Halloween” theme!

John Carpenter’s Halloween is an all time classic in the slasher film genre and gave Jamie Lee Curtis her film debut in 1978 and with the announcement that two sequels to the 2018 remake titled Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends are set for October 2021 and 2022 respectively, it seems that Russian Progressive Tech-Metallers Shokran

NEWS: “Nature of the Paradox” chosen by Shokran!

Filmed during their last tour over Eurasia exactly one year ago and directed by Ryabov Productions, Russian Progressive Metallers Shokran have chosen “Nature of the Paradox” as the latest single from their current album “Ethereal“. The band have launched a wealth of new merch which is available here as well as announcing their presence in