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NEWS: L’Homme Absurde dance in the soil!

Celebrating the first anniversary of their fourth album “Stranger“, Russian Post-Black Metal outfit L’Homme Absurde have shared a freshly shot  music video for “Soil“. Having conceived the project in 2015 they’ll soon reach a decade of destruction and have already started working on new material, each new record having had a more emotive edge.

NEWS: Palm Reader announce final shows for July…

Much to our surprise, after four critically acclaimed albums since forming in 2011, Nottingham Post-Hardcore collective Palm Reader have announced a farewell tour to take them to a final performance at 2000 Trees Festival in July. The band have cited different priorities within the group and have made the decision to end their journey rather

NEWS: Sleepless chase a ghost in the fog?

Currently available in limited numbers of vinyl here, the April released “Host Desecration” from Portland Oregon Progressive Traditional Metal trio Sleepless has seen a fourth lyric video appear, this time for “There’s Something in the Fog“. The band, who feature former members of underground Death Metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy teamed up with Metal Warrior Records

Exclusive Interview: Ceased Sunfire talk “Sleepless”!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Juho Karenko (2nd Sun, Goliath, Horizon Ignited) from CBH Recordings who also co-produced alongside Jonas Eriksson between February and April 2022, “Sleepless” marks the first offering from Ceased Sunfire, a trio of veteran musicians masterminded by Aleksi Manninen. We took a couple of minutes to talk to him about the

NEWS: Sleepless search for a Soothsayer?

If you haven’t had the pleasure as yet then “Host Desecration” by Sleepless is a mighty fine album in the Progressive Traditional Metal genre. It’s the evolution of the bands debut EP “Blood Libel” in the most literal of senses as Dutch label Metal Warrior Records contacted the band after the release of the EP

Review: “Sleepless” by Ceased Sunfire

“The corona and wartime in succession have shocked a generation that was used to a completely different life. Many have found themselves in a situation where the next steps in their lives are difficult to outline. I wanted to bring out these moods with songs, and often the inconsolable world situation gave rise to aggressive

NEWS: Sleepless show concerning Vampiristic tendencies…

…following the triumph that is their debut album “Host Desecration“, a lyric video created by Joe Karamanski for “Bite the Hand That Bleeds” is the next logical step for Sleepless, a band whose debut EP “Blood Libel” caught the attention of Dutch label Metal Warrior Records who insisted that the Progressive Trad-Metal trio (who feature

Review: “Host Desecration” by Sleepless

Back in March 2021, Progressive Trad-Metal trio Sleepless who feature in their ranks two former members of underground Death Metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy unleashed their debut EP “Blood Libel” upon an unsuspecting World. The story goes that after an enthusiastic response (including from yours truly) the band were contacted by Dutch label Metal Warrior Records

NEWS: Sleepless watch the sky in fear…

Portland Oregon Progressive Traditional Metal trio Sleepless, a band who feature former members of underground death metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy in their ranks, have released a lyric video for “Mushroom Clouds at Night” the second single from forthcoming album “Host Desecration“. Releasing via Metal Warrior Records on 15th April with a limited edition run 500