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NEWS: Sleepless search for a Soothsayer?

If you haven’t had the pleasure as yet then “Host Desecration” by Sleepless is a mighty fine album in the Progressive Traditional Metal genre. It’s the evolution of the bands debut EP “Blood Libel” in the most literal of senses as Dutch label Metal Warrior Records contacted the band after the release of the EP

Review: “Sleepless” by Ceased Sunfire

“The corona and wartime in succession have shocked a generation that was used to a completely different life. Many have found themselves in a situation where the next steps in their lives are difficult to outline. I wanted to bring out these moods with songs, and often the inconsolable world situation gave rise to aggressive

NEWS: Sleepless show concerning Vampiristic tendencies…

…following the triumph that is their debut album “Host Desecration“, a lyric video created by Joe Karamanski for “Bite the Hand That Bleeds” is the next logical step for Sleepless, a band whose debut EP “Blood Libel” caught the attention of Dutch label Metal Warrior Records who insisted that the Progressive Trad-Metal trio (who feature

Review: “Host Desecration” by Sleepless

Back in March 2021, Progressive Trad-Metal trio Sleepless who feature in their ranks two former members of underground Death Metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy unleashed their debut EP “Blood Libel” upon an unsuspecting World. The story goes that after an enthusiastic response (including from yours truly) the band were contacted by Dutch label Metal Warrior Records

NEWS: Sleepless watch the sky in fear…

Portland Oregon Progressive Traditional Metal trio Sleepless, a band who feature former members of underground death metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy in their ranks, have released a lyric video for “Mushroom Clouds at Night” the second single from forthcoming album “Host Desecration“. Releasing via Metal Warrior Records on 15th April with a limited edition run 500

NEWS: Sleepless set to release debut album in April!

After the enthusiastic response to their EP “Blood Libel“, Dutch label Metal Warrior Records approached Portland Oregon Progressive-Traditional Metal trio Sleepless about fleshing out the EP into a nine-song full length and the result of that will see the light of day on 15th April titled “Host Desecration“. The band who feature former members of

NEWS: Palm Reader announce March tour…

That’s absolutely correct. After nearly two years of Sleepless nights, Nottingham Post Hardcore merchants Palm Reader have announced that  March will see them on their first UK headlining tour in four years and joined by Blanket for the purpose. Don’t expect that Slipknot cover to rear it’s ugly head any time soon but “A Bird And

Listmania: New Years Day Honours List 2021!

We reached a lot of milestone markers in the success of Metal Noise in 2021 and while we weren’t able to bring you anywhere near as many live reviews as we’d hoped for or any summer Festival coverage (for obvious reasons), there were some real bucket list moments chalked off, including our fly on the

Review: “Sleepless” by Karpenter

Named in tribute to Horror movie master John Carpenter, Italian Alternative Metal band Karpenter formed by former Fightcast vocalist Filippo Tellerini and rhythm section Francesco Vicini (bass) and Marco Biondi (drums) in 2019. Joined by guitarist duo Federico Conti of Creep fame and Manuel Nucci alongside Figure of Six keyboard and  programming mastermind Michele Mingozzi,