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NEWS: The Acacia Strain stung by Spiritbox!

As well as the news that The Acacia Strain will be joining Aborted on their Hell Over Europe #4 tour earlier today, the slowly decaying Deathcore titans have also given us a music video for “One Thousand Painful Stings“, arguably one of the biggest surprises of their current album due to its guest vocal appearance

Playthrough: “Holy Roller” from Spiritbox!

Wearing a Prince “Purple Rain” t-shirt, Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante has recorded this one take, as live vocal performance of the bands recent single “Holy Roller“. We say “as live“. Obviously those vocals are live, it’s just the music that isn’t. How on earth The Acacia Strain managed to pursade her to appear on their

Review: “Slow Decay” by The Acacia Strain

The slow release of “Slow Decay” by The Acacia Strain has to go down in history as being one of the most drawn out teases that life could possibly have in store. The Springfield Massachusetts quintet brought out “It Comes In Waves” via Rise Records in December 2019, with rumours circulating like Buzzards that the