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Review: “Almost The End” by Only Attitude Counts

Austrian Hardcore crew Only Attitude Counts have been doing their thing since 1993 and Mike (Vocals), Horace G. (Guitar), Erik (Bass, Vocals), Flo (Drums) and Fips (Guitar) have had one goal in mind. To spread to message of the core values of Hardcore ethics as far and as wide as people’s love of their music

Bootleg: Biohazard in Bradford!

In a blast from the past, David Tan has released a Pro-Shot full set from Biohazard at Bradford Rio’s On 31st May 1994 on the “State of World Address” tour! Filmed by Peter Atkinson, it sees the classic line-up of the crossover Hardcore crew with Billy Graziadei at the heart of it. He’s now touring