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NEWS: Nonpoint premier “A Million Watts”!

If you hopped in a DeLorean with Doc Brown and went back 25 years to 1998, then showed Elias Soriano and Robb Rivera where they’d end up today and the journey their independent release “Separate Yourself” would take their band Nonpoint on, their minds would be blown. Directed and edited by Jake Jarvi, the Fort Lauderdale

NEWS: Nonpoint return to bite?

Nu-Metal mainstays Nonpoint have been in the studio working with Producer Chris Collier (KoRn), premiering new single “Paper Tigers” from those sessions via their independent label, 361 Degrees Records alongside a music video directed by Alex Zarek. It won’t be long before the cut makes its live debut either as the band hit the road

Bootleg: Nonpoint in Michigan!

The opening sold out show for the “I’m About To Explode” Tour that took place in Battle Creek Michigan was line streamed by headliners Nonpoint with the Fort Lauderdale Florida Nu-Metallers celebrating the arrival of their new EP “Ruthless” in style. An independent drop that has seen them form their own label and go against

NEWS: Nonpoint get back in the game with “Ruthless”!

It’s been on the horizon for a while now but Fort Lauderdale Florida Nu-Metallers Nonpoint have finally released their new EP “Ruthless” alongside a music video for its opening cut “Back in the Game“. The band have gone independent and formed their own label, 361 Degrees Records, with a plan to provide fans more regular

Bootleg: “Bullet with a Name” from Nonpoint!

After the 25th Anniversary of “Statement“, the major label debut album from Fort Lauderdale Florida natives Nonpoint has come the 15th Anniversary of their album “To The Pain” and with that a vinyl release. That vinyl includes a quartet of tracks recorded at Uptown Recording in Chicago Illinois in 2019 and one of those is

Listmania: 20 Years of “Statement” by Nonpoint!

10th October saw Nonpoint take to the stage for a pay-per-view live streamed set to celebrate 20 years of their major label debut album “Statement“, the Fort Lauderdale Florida quintet subsequently putting down 10 further records with vocalist Elias Soriano and drummer Robb Rivera being ever present in the group since 1996. In that time

Bootleg: Nonpoint in Toronto!

Continuing the 20th Anniversary celebrations of “Statement“, the major label debut album from Nonpoint, here’s a full set from 23rd October 2000. It saw the band tear up The Reverb in Toronto Ontario Canada with Glassjaw and perform tracks from that album including “Victim“, “Endure” and “Mindtrip“. A first generation VHS tape transfer brought to

Bootleg: “Tribute” from Nonpoint!

Last performed live in 2004, Nonpoint have cut “Tribute“, a cover medley that mashes up “Children’s Story” by Slick Rick, “Woo-Hah!” by Busta Rhymes, and “Method Man” by the Wu-Tang Clan from their recent 20th anniversary live streamed performance of their major label debut, “Statement“. For a limited time only you can still watch the show here.  

Bootleg: “Milestone” from Nonpoint!

Continuing the build up to their 10th October 20th Anniversary pay per view stream for their album “Statement“, Nonpoint are have shared “Milestone” cut from their set in Flint Michigan which itself will be streaming this coming weekend… Nonpoint Comment: “We once played Flint, Michigan 13 times in one year, and 12 of the 13

Bootleg: “Breaking Skin” from Nonpoint!

Filmed in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the home of Nonpoint who are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their debut album “Statement” on 10th October with a full live stream performance, here’s “Breaking Skin“. The track is cut from one of the preceding pay per view shows from previous sold out shows that the band are streaming