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NEWS: (hed)p.e. choose “First Blood”!

Directed by Devin Pacheco a music video for the (hed)p.e. track “First Blood” that features footage from Ground Zero has been released today as promised on social media. The Huntington Beach California natives celebrated the 20th Anniversary of their seminal album “Broke” by releasing their twelfth studio record “Class of 2020” via Suburban Noise Records

Documentary: “Touring for Broke” a (hed)p.e. film!

A directors cut documentary about the touring cycle that accompanied “Broke” from (hed)p.e. to mark it’s 20th Anniversary has been released by the bands then guitarist Chad “Chizard” Benekos. Including a wealth of behind the scenes footage from that time as well as some previously unheard demos from album it’s a celebration of a great

Documentary: Reminiscing #4 with (hed)p.e.!

Continuing the live stream series, Jared Gomes is joined by DJ Product and Chad Benekos for a chat about “Broke” memories. The talk about touring with Alien Ant Farm, Papa Roach and Nu-Metal bands of the early 2000’s while (hed)p.e. were coming up, while Benekos has a tour diary documentary forthcoming. The new album with

NEWS: “Death Awaits” for (hed)p.e.?

A second single from the upcoming new (hed)p.e. album “Class of 2020” has surfaced. Entitled “Death Awaits” it recalls the “Only In Amerika” era of the band and with DJ Product and guitarist Chad “Chizad” Benekos both making guest appearances on the 21st August drop via Suburban Noize Records, 20 years after seminal album “Broke“,

Documentary: Reminiscing #2 with (hed)p.e.!

There are 14 days to go before the new (hed)p.e. album “Class of 2020” so a second reminiscing episode has appeared with former members DJ Product and Chizad joining Jahred Gomes to talk about old times. First single “Out For Blood” is out now, while the rest of the album remains under wraps. A resurgent

Documentary: (hed)p.e. reminiscing on the past 20 years of music!

…with “Class of 2020” due out on 21st August via Suburban Noize Records, (hed)p.e. main man Jahred Gomes got together with former members DJ Product and Chizad to reminisce about old times. Both appear as guests on a cut from the new album, which appears the day before the 20th Anniversary of their seminal album

NEWS: (hed)p.e. out for blood?

…with pre-orders available here, a new (hed)p.e. album is set to appear just one day before the 20th Anniversary of their seminal album “Broke” on 21st August via a rejuvenated Suburban Noize Records. Entitled “Class Of 2020” features guest spots from two early members of the band in Chad “Chizad” Benekos and DJ Product, with single “First

Bootleg: “Renegade” by (hed)p.e.!

Going back to something like 2008, record label Suburban Noize have shared a live version of “Renegade” by (hed)p.e.. Filmed at the The Key Club, the track originally appears on the bands “New World Orphans” record which was released through the label. Watching it back is a timely reminder of how good this band are

Throwback: “Renegade” from (hed)p.e.!

22nd August will officially mark the 20th Anniversary of “Broke“, the second studio album from Huntington Beach G-Punk outfit (hed)p.e. and even though frontman Jared Gomes has been the last man standing from the original line up for a long time, they’re widely expected to complete a World Tour for it. So after the success

Review: “Stampede” by (hed)p.e.

Taking Disturbed frontman David Draiman’s insistence on writing all of his social media in capitals which suggests shouting one step further and removing the spaces between the words of the song names of new album “Stampede” to suggest shouted and obvious subliminal messages controlling our lives, (hed)p.e. continue to share their love for a good