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Documentary: King 810 scrapbook moments from Bloodstock!

Coinciding with the release of a live rendition of “Killem All” from their set at Bloodstock last summer, King 810 have premiered the second part of their scrapbook moments from the festival. Hailing from Americas most dangerous city the Flint Michigan natives have long been favourites upon these shores, playing two separate European tour runs

NEWS: King 810 stare in Wonder…

As they prepare for this year’s incarnation of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour trek across Europe with Nasty headlining the mainland shows, the United Kingdom headliners King 810 have premiered a music video comprising tour footage for “Winddershins” from their recently deceased EP “K5: Follow My Tears“. That of course means that four of

NEWS: King 810 wage a holy war?

A third of five cuts to grace January’s EP “K5: Follow My Tears” from King 810 has been given the full music video treatment in “Holy War“. A timely offering, it keeps the bands name in the headlines as they prepare for this year’s incarnation of the Impericon Never Say Die Tour trek across Europe.

Interview: King 810 talk to Bloodstock TV!

Having already done a whirlwind tour of Europe with Alpha Wolf earlier this year, the appearance of King 810 on the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival this summer will be the second of three visits to the United Kingdom in 2023. Oran O’Beirne from Bloodstock TV spoke to frontman David Gunn

Throwback: “Magician” by King 810!

Oh how time flies. Eleven years ago an  independently released album titled “Midwest Monsters” surfaced from Flint Michigan based King 810 which earned them a deal with Roadrunner Records. Lyrically inspired by an incident which took place in June 2012 when vocalist David Gunn was both shot and stabbed  when he refused to hand over

NEWS: King 810 speak of “The magick of sound”!

Continuing to follow familiar thought patterns built on the foundation of skulls that was the “Memoirs of a Murderer” era “Anatomy” series, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have shared another spoken word essay from frontman David Gunn titled “The magick of sound” in the wake of new EP “K5: Follow My Tears“. They will be upon

NEWS: Alpha Wolf. King 810. Ten56. Xile. April 2023!

Ten56 vocalist Aaron Matts promised a tour announcement last week and has delivered with The Steppin’ Over Roaches Tour that will find the Nu-Deathcore operatives joining Xile and King 810 in supporting headliners Alpha Wolf in a 21 day trek across Europe in April. Ten56 will have their upcoming new EP “Downer Part 2” out by

NEWS: King 810 “Heartbeats” directors cut!

Returning to 2019, Flint Michigan’s King 810 have shared a directors cut music video for “Heartbeats” shot on 500 Tungsten Super 8mm Kodak Film as part of the promotional campaign for their album “Suicide King“. One that has the fingerprints of producer Josh Schroeder (Varials, Lorna Shore, Gift Giver) all over it with involvement as