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Bootleg: “Judgement (And Punishment)” from Jinjer!

Filmed in San Antonio Texas at The Rock Box on 21st September, here’s “Judgement (and Punishment)” from Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer. They will be joined by Canadians The Agonist for a European Tour in November with new album “Macro” appearing via Napalm Records on 25th October. That’s “Macro” following “Micro”…

Review: “Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos” by Juliet Ruin

Edmonton, capital of Canada’s Alberta province, sits on the North Saskatchewan River and is home to Juliet Ruin. Comprising Kent Geislinger with Guitars and Vocals, Jesse Bauman with Drums, Jess Ruin with Lead Vocals, Wesley Rands with Guitars and Cody Reid with Bass and Backing Vocals, the band have dabbled with low tuned 7 string

NEWS: Jinjer announce “Macro” after “Micro”?!

Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have now made it official. The follow up to their EP “Micro” will be called “Macro” and will appear prior to their European Tour on 25th October via Napalm Records! The album will feature new single “Judgement & Punishment” while the tour will now see them joined by The Agonist, who

Review: “World War X” by Carnifex

The Seventh studio album from Carnifex has been one we’ll promoted by Nuclear Blast in the build up to it’s appearance. It’s easy for a band that has reached this stage in their career to be cruelly ignored under some misguided notion that they don’t need any help in promoting their album and spreading the

Bootleg: Arch Enemy in Moscow!

When Alissa White-Gluz of The Agonist joined Swedish Death Metallers Arch Enemy to replace to iconic Angela Gossow back in 2014 there was a collective holding of breath. But to be fair to her, White-Gluz has proved herself over her pair of albums and countless shows. Pro-Shot on 15th July at Green Concert Club in

Interview: Carnifex talk “World War X” #5!

Having released a pair of singles in album title track “World War X” and “No Light Shall Save Us”, the later of which features Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy and formerly The Agonist, Scott Ian Lewis returns to talk about working with Blake Armstrong on the artwork for the Seventh studio album from his band Carnifex,

NEWS: “World War X” from “World War X” from Carnifex!

Four weeks after debut single “No Light Shall Save Us” which features a guest vocal appearance from Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy and formerly The Agonist and with their seventh studio album “World War X” due to be heading over the horizon on 2nd August via Nuclear Blast, Carnifex have given the album title track the

Interview: Carnifex “World War X” Episode #3!

Part #3 of the interview series with Carnifex frontman Scott Ian Lewis sees talk turn to the inspiration for the title of their seventh studio album, “World War X” and the themes behind it. Will Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” get a mention?! The album drops on 2nd August via Nuclear Blast!

Interview: Carnifex talk “No Light Shall Save Us”!

Having been joined by Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy and The Agonist fame for the first single from their upcoming seventh studio album “World War X” which will appear on 2nd August via Nuclear Blast, Carnifex vocalist Scott Ian Lewis talks about how “No Light Shall Save Us” came together in this freshly roasted clip.

NEWS: Carnifex announce “World War X”!

Unlike Pokémon, when it comes to Metal, it’s simply impossible to catch ’em all. So from 3 days ago and already clocking up the better part of 260k of YouTube streams, here’s the brand new video from Carnifex! It’s the first new song from their upcoming 2nd August seventh studio album “World War X” (could