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Bootleg: “Hollow” from Heart of a Coward!

Filmed as part of a live session for the Heavy Music Awards 2020, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward have shared their classic “Hollow“. The footage was directed & edited by Tom Russell with Audio Mix Engineer Jamie Tinsley working some magic to make it sound great. What are the chances of another live

Live Review: Heart of a Coward (Live Steam)

Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward have been stalwarts of the UK Metal scene since 2009 and despite a trio of line up changes in that time, they’ve gone from strength to strength, proven statistically by the fact that “Hollow” from 2013’s “Deliverance” and “Collapse” from 2019’s “The Disconnect” top the bands individual streaming

Playthrough: “Shade” from Heart of a Coward!

When Heart of a Coward toured with Monuments and I Built the Sky, they were forced to tap up a fill in drummer. The obvious choice was Colin Bentham from No Consequence with Heart of a Cowards new vocalist Kaan Tasan joining from their ranks in the not too distant past. Here’s drum cam footage

NEWS: Heart of a Coward announce September live streamed gig!

Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward have teamed up with AfterLife Music to do a live stream concert. It will take place on Saturday 12th September at 21:00 BST with tickets available here. The news follows the rescheduling of the second incarnation of Radar Festival for a second time, which was set to see

Playthrough: “We Stand As One” from Heart Of A Coward!

Capturing all the audio in one take and all the video on their phones before it was edited by Kev Hickman, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward have joined the growing number of bands splicing together their own full band playthrough style rehearsal videos during lockdown with a version of “We Stand As One“.

Playthrough: “Ritual” from Heart Of A Coward!

Edited and mixed by guitarist Steve Haycock, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward have recorded a full band playthrough video for their track “Ritual“. The audio was all captured in one take with each band member shooting video on their smartphones. Modern technology, ain’t it grand? But that’s not all. A second video shows

Playthrough: “Ritual” from Heart of a Coward!

There was a time when it seemed that Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward might not return. The wake of the departure of vocalist Jamie Graham had left a void hard to fill and when they finally announced his replacement in No Consequence frontman Kaan Tasan after over 200 submissions, a few eyebrows were

NEWS: Heart Of A Coward kick of 2020 with a fundraiser!

Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward have added a trio of UK shows to their 2020 itinerary with not only a celebration for Independent Venue Week but also a fundraiser. Following the tragic passing of 16 year old Charlie Reed, the band will be raising money for Gold Geese and Little Havens Hospice in

NEWS: Heart Of A Coward in “Isolation”!

Later this month, Heart Of A Coward will embark on a run headlinging shows with Unprocessed that have not only seen sold out signs but venue upgrades, such has been the phenomenal demand. New album “The Disconnect” has gone down a storm so Arising Empire have taken a moment to drop a music video for

Review: “Catalyst” EP by SleepWalker from Al Bristow!

Weaponry frontman Al Bristow took some time out from the bands current touring and recording schedule to share his love of “Catalyst” by Portsmouth natives SleepWalker.  A huge amount of records have come out recently that have a lot Nu Metal influences. Unfortunately when you mention Nu Metal, the first things that generally come to