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NEWS: It’s showtime for Calligram!

Purvyors of Black Metal in shorts Calligram have announced seven shows for seven deadly sins to follow their performance at this years incarnation of Incineration Festival. Those shows will take place in August and October with the band happening to mention that those shows will be after a new album is recorded so there will

NEWS: “Kenosis” from Calligram!

This time next week on 10th April, you’ll be able to listen to “The Eye Is The First Circle” by Calligram. Prosthetic Records are describing as “an eight track pummeling of raucous guitars, d-beat rhythms and lyrics sung entirely in Italian. It’s uncompromising sound draws from punk rock and the bleak soundscapes of black metal,

NEWS: Calligram share “Vivido Perire” Part II!

If you thought “Vivido Perire” part I was good, then part II is going to knock your socks off. The description that Calligram are giving their upcoming 10th April Prothetic Records piece “The Eye Is The First Circle” pretty much says is all, so rather than us put our own thing here – we’ll give

NEWS: Calligram debut part #1 of Anedonia!

10th April is going to see the Blackend… well everything, sound of Calligram return to our ear drums in the form of new album “The Eye Is The First Circle” via Prosthetic Records. Available for pre-order over at bandcamp, they’ve thrown down part #1 of an Aaron Silvanus directed music video for the single you