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Throwback: “I Am The Lion” by Phinehas!

A month after the release of their fifth studio album “The Fire Itself” via Solid State Records and we find ourselves at the 10th Anniversary milestone of the debut album “thegodmachine” from Californian Metalcore merchants Phinehas. The irony of that is that the band actually formed ten years prior to the release in 2001, taking

NEWS: Phinehas burn in the fire itself…

We wondered how Los Angeles Californian Metalcore merchants Phinehas could ever top the brilliance that is their 2017 album “Dark Flag“, such is our love of that incredible record but with “The Fire Itself” released via Solid State Records a couple of weeks back, they’ve managed the unthinkable. Produced in house before mixing and mastering

Review: “The Fire Itself” by Phinehas

Going into this review we’re going to make no secret of the fact that we were completely blown away by 2017’s “Dark Flag” from Phinehas, a Modern Metalcore affair that has remained a firm favourite to this day thanks to Matt Goldman’s production and a plentiful supply of stunning leads. Vocalist Sean McCulloch, guitarist Daniel

NEWS: Phinehas burn in “The Fire Itself”!

The third single from the next weekend releasing fifth studio album from Californian Metalcore merchants Phinehas has arrived front and center in the form of the title track “The Fire Itself” and after the incredible “Dark Flag” album and an insightful interview between vocalist Sean McCulloch and Heavy New York, the stage is very much

NEWS: Phinehas are “Eternally Apart”?

The end of the “Dark Flag” era is well and truly upon us as the second single from the upcoming new Phinehas album “The Fire Itself” has surfaced in “Eternally Apart“. The Californian Metalcore outfit let vocalist Sean McCulloch out of the rehearsal space for an insightful conversation with Heavy New York earlier this week

Interview: Phinehas talk “The Fire Itself” with Heavy New York!

As debut album “thegodmachine” from Los Angeles Californian Metalcore merchants Phinehas reached its 10th Anniversary a couple of weeks back and with their upcoming new album “The Fire Itself” a month away, vocalist Sean McCulloch spoke to Heavy New York about both of those records in this new interview. 27th August via Solid State Records

NEWS: Phinehas head into the night…

Talking of returning Metalcore acts, dark flag waving Phinehas have joined the summer of Metal with their fifth album “The Fire Itself” landing via Solid State Records on 27th August. Curiously the pre-orders list not only 10 new tracks, but also the dates when the other pre-release singles will be dropped in¬†“Eternally Apart” (07/30) and