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NEWS: Vitja want “Payback”!

The bills for their 2019 Arising Empire album “Thirst” might still be coming in but Progressive Metalcore act Vitja have surprised with the release of a brand new single today going by the name of “Payback“! They’re on the road starting tonight in Germany with Our Mirage, Breathe Atlantis and The Narrator.

NEWS: Vitja celebrate “Silver Lining”!

It probably shouldn’t need to be said but the very idea of Carlo Knopfel of Breakdown Of Sanity appearing on a Vitja track is as thirst quenching as a pint of cold cider on a hot summers afternoon. So the fact that a tune called “Silver Lining” is going to appear on “Thirst” on 6th

NEWS: Vitja admit to “Mistakes”!

Following an appearance at Pell-Mell Fest in Germany, Vitja will complete a trio of return shows around the arrival of new album “Thirst”. It’s going to be walking out of the desert of the Arising Empire on 6th September, with pre-orders available here. Steaming now is “Mistakes”!

NEWS: It’s time Vitja came “Back”!

Surprisingly, Vitja have got a new album on the way! It’s going to appear via Arising Empire on 6th September with pre-orders via Impericon here. First single “Back” is out now with the band announcing a trio of live dates around “Thirst” in their native Germany with Venues and The Oklahoma Kid in support.