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NEWS: Bodysnatcher “Break The Cycle” with eOne!

It has been all change in the Bodysnatcher scenery of late with 3.6 million Spotify streams in 2020 they have announced their signing to not only a new label home in eOne Music but also a new EU booking agent in Avocado Bookings. Both of those announcements came last week with the single “Break The

Interview: Bodysnatcher tour stories…

Dropping like a grand piano from the 20th floor of an apartment building on our skulls at the turn of the year via Stay Sick Recordings, “This Heavy Void” by Bodysnatcher remains on our playlist. The Deathcore collective were filmed by the Digital Tour Bus cameras outside of the Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois on

NEWS: Bodysnatcher want reparations paid. In full.

Coming complete with Epilepsy warning, Bodysnatcher have dropped a video for the vicious little ditty that is “Reparations“. What with all the conspiracy talk in the news of late it seems bizarrely well timed. If you missed it, “This Heavy Void” is out now via Attila affiliated label Stay Sick Recordings. Check out our review.

Documentary: Bodysnatcher on Bus Invaders!

“I’ve lived my life with my eyes nailed shut,  And my mouth sewn closed not able to speak, for myself, For the first time in my life I’m standing on a mountain of POWER…” Filmed at the Chicago Illinois Cobra Lounge stop of their tour with Great American Ghost, Strangled, Born A New, Distinguisher, the tour

NEWS: Engrossed get infected with Bodysnatcher!

Russian Downtempo Deathcore machine Engrossed have teamed up with Kyle Medina from Bodysnatcher for the second single from their upcoming spring EP release “Denial“. The track goes by the name “Infected” and follows the bands cover of “Twelve/Seventeen” from the new Bodysnatcher album “This Heavy Void“. Oh and they also did a track with Osiah…

Interview: Bodysnatcher talk to Heavy New York!

We have to say, we love “This Heavy Void” by Bodysnatcher. Chris Whited is not only a killer drummer but also brilliant at mixing, mastering, engineering and recording so they’ve got a head start before they even begin. Both Kyle and Kyle talk to Heavy New York about playing live, all contributing lyrically and more

Review: “This Heavy Void” by Bodysnatcher

Melbourne Florida Deathcore heavyweights Bodysnatcher have gradually been knocking walls down to make their own path since 2014 with a clutch of singles followed by their full debut “Death Of Me” in 2017 via Stay Sick Recordings. The success of that meant a re-issue with an extra 13 minutes of material in the form of

NEWS: Bodysnatcher are “Never Homesick”!

Having already hammered out a trio of singles from their upcoming Chris Whited produced, mixed, mastered and recorded album “This Heavy Void“, Deathcore heavyweights Bodysnatcher have only gone and blown the bloody doors off their album with a fourth. Entitled “Never Homesick” and complete with an Eric DiCarlo directed video it doesn’t look like it’s

Documentary: Bodysnatcher Studio Update Episode #2: This Heavy Void!

Having a professional recording, mixing, mastering, producing engineer in your band with the skills not only to get your material sounding great but also to have a reputation in his own right for his work with other bands has to not only save on costs but opening doorways for touring opportunities. Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited

NEWS: Bodysnatcher get heavy with “Twelve/Seventeen”?

Hungover? For some reason we’ve got the theme from David Hasselhoff’s Baywatch in our heads. Oh. Wait. It was playing during our exit from the Bury Tomorrow “Black Flame” show at London’s Roundhouse! Bodysnatcher have got a highly anticipated new album “This Heavy Void” rearing it’s ugly head via Stay Sick Recordings on 31st January