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Documentary: Bodysnatcher. Domino’s Pizza. Touring #2!

After the first three episodes of their tour diary for a run of shows with Dying Fetus, Chelsea Grin, Frozen Soul and Undeath landed on 30th May, part four has landed solo dolo as Melbourne Florida Deathcore brutes Bodysnatcher tear chunks out of the US with new album “Bleed-Abide“. On the subject of that ripper of a

Documentary: Bodysnatcher. Domino’s Pizza. Touring!

While new album “Bleed-Abide” is still ringing in our ears, Melbourne Florida Deathcore brutes Bodysnatcher have shared some hilarious behind the scenes footage from their US tour with Dying Fetus, Chelsea Grin, Frozen Soul and Undeath. If evidence was needed then it can now be witnessed in triplicate and it’s safe to say they’re having

Review: “Bleed-Abide” by Bodysnatcher

Returning with a new album every two years following their debut “Abandonment” in 2016, Melbourne, Florida Deathcore brutes Bodysnatcher have been a force to be reckoned with and having a wealth of experience and prior convictions from other projects has helped propel them to new heights. So where does 2022 find ex-Chainsaw Disembowelment vocalist Kyle

NEWS: Bodysnatcher walk behind the crowd…

Shaping up to be their darkest and most intense offering yet Melbourne, Florida Deathcore brutes Bodysnatcher have unveiled a fourth single from “Bleed-Abide“, the bands fourth studio album since arriving like a knuckleduster to the throat with 2016’s “Abandoned“, each one laced with gritty truth telling narratives. Titled “Behind The Crowd” it’s one of thirteen

Playthrough: Full Set from Bodysnatcher!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Bodysnatcher backing vocalist and mixing and mastering genius Chris Whitted for a full set at 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles Californian on 11th November courtesy of 197 Media is exactly what we want to see ahead of the bands European tour trek with Carnifex and Chelsea Grin co-headlining, the Deathcore

NEWS: Bodysnatcher get absolved of all guilt?

…with Lorna Shore exiting stage left from the Carnifex and Chelsea Grin co-headlining European tour trek in February to join Bring Me The Horizon, there was only one band who could step up and fill this heavy void and  Melbourne, Florida Deathcore brutes  Bodysnatcher. They’ve have not only accepted the offer to join an absolutely

NEWS: Bodysnatcher unveil “King Of The Rats”!

Having reactivated their bandcamp page after six six six years in February, Melbourne, Florida Deathcore Merchants Bodysnatcher have dropped a fourth single in four months. After their rendition of “Smash Your Enemies” by Hatebreed surfaced last month claimed to be the only cover the quartet will ever do, they’ve returned with one of their own

NEWS: Bodysnatcher pay tribute to Hatebreed!

Paying tribute to their Hardcore heroes in Hatebreed, Melbourne, Florida skull crushing Beatdown Deathcore collective Bodysnatcher have unveiled a cover of “Smash Your Enemies” from the album that took the bruisers Worldwide in 2002’s “Perseverance”. Hopefully Jamey Jasta himself will give it the thumbs up in the next episode of his podcast series. It is available

NEWS: Bodysnatcher taken to hell!

“To break the cyclewould set me free, Why can’t I see, what’s in front of me, Grab the thorn so you can feel the pain, I won’t go through this again, Your sour breath stinks of rotten words“ Having broken the cycle a couple of weeks back, Melbourne, Florida skull crushing Beatdown Deathcore collective Bodysnatcher

NEWS: Bodysnatcher “Break The Cycle” with eOne!

It has been all change in the Bodysnatcher scenery of late with 3.6 million Spotify streams in 2020 they have announced their signing to not only a new label home in eOne Music but also a new EU booking agent in Avocado Bookings. Both of those announcements came last week with the single “Break The