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Review: “Severance Of Serenity” by Nephylim

A five member Melodic Death Metal band from the Hertogenbosch and Apeldoorn regions of the Netherlands, Nephylim have taken influences including Insomnium, At The Gates and Omnium GatherumĀ and looked to create their own sound following their 2015 debut EP “Torn“. The time between now and then has seen them replace vocalist Lisa van Dijk (ex-Solemnus)

NEWS Nephylim put their toes in the water…

Dutch Melodic Death Metallers Nephylim have made the rare move of putting out an album teaser sampler for their 18th January releasing debut full length “Severance of Serenity“. The album is a follow up to their 2015 debut EP “Torn” due to line up changes and tragedy and includes artwork by Jarno Lahti from KAAMOS