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Playthrough: “The Trooper” from Trendkill!

As Northern Groove Metal outfit Trendkill continue to work on a new record, the band have entrusted guitarist Jonny Stern to keep their name in the limelight. To that end, he’s plugged his Dean Dimebag ML Far Beyond Driven into a Blackstar Amp and recorded a rendition of “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden for our

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2023!

How do you go about solving a problem like picking your top #5 EPs of 2023? Like any puzzle you break it down into smaller, easier to digest pieces and we do so by creating a few rules. It has to have been released in the year 2023, reviewed in the year 2023 and stick

Bootleg: Trendkill at Anarchy Brewery!

Including such modern Groove Metal classics as “A Broken View“, “Poison the Well” and “Blinded by Fate“, a full set from Trendkill at Anarchy Brewery in Newcastle has walked out of the Blue Lagoon. That’s seven songs in half an hour of power that were performed on 6th October as the band supported Red Method

Bootleg: Trendkill at Get Heavy Fest!

A pro-shot full set from North East Groove Metal monsters Trendkill at Get Heavy Fest 2023 at Downcast Studios in Gateshead has materialised. Riding the wave of their incredible EP “Dissociate” the band throw down a near 40 minute set for your viewing pleasure which took place on 23rd August. It’s been one hell of

Bootleg: Trendkill at Trillians in Newcastle!

Imagine watching your favourite band play a set from the VIP position at the side of the stage. That’s the angle that Northern Groove Metal operatives Trendkill have given us for this full set as they opened for Kilnova at Trillians in Newcastle on 5th August. Eight cuts over a near forty minute show including

NEWS: Trendkill, Beserkr, Bloodstock and Blackstar!

What do Vanitas, After Reach and Newcastle Groove Metal overlords Trendkill have in common? They’ve all released music videos which have used the same location recently… “Beserkr” being the newest. It is one to take pride of place on their new EP “Dissociate”… and looks fantastic! May has been a busy month for the band

Playthough: “Erasure” from TrendKill!

Shot by Dark North Media and endorsed by VK Drums here’s a playthrough video that finds Corey Bennett crushing “Erasure” from the new TrendKill EP “Dissociate“. Next year will find the Teesside Groove Thrash merchants celebrating a decade of aggression with original members Bennett and guitarist Jonny Stern at the helm, a time which has

Review: “Dissociate” by Trendkill

A growing concern since 2014, having had initial success that took them to Bloodstock once upon a time, Teesside based North East Groove Thrash act TrendKill endured the turbulence of line up changes that threatened to derail their train in before finding a new vocalist in Alistair Lisle (Artura, Live Undead, ex-Ball of Mayhem). Since