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Bootleg: “Home Back” from Jinjer!

Ahead of a Summer Festival run that will be followed by shows opening the farewell tour from Sepultura, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer will be dropping a live album. Filmed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on 22nd December 2022 it will be available in every format under the sun from 17th May via Napalm Records

NEWS: Jinjer announce second live album!

November 2020 may have seen the arrival of the first live album from Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer but it turns out that it is not the last. The band have chosen a show filmed at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on 22nd December 2022 for a 17th May via Napalm Records release, calling it simply

Documentary: Jinjer on Bus Invaders!

It’s that time of the week again! The latest episode of the Digital Tour Bus series Bus Invaders finds Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer on tour with Sheffield Shredders Malevolence back in November. Parked outside the House Of Blues in Chicago Illinois bassist Eugene Abdukhanov gives us a guided tour of their home for the duration

Interview: Jinjer talk “Wallflowers” with Gear Gods!

The man, the myth and the legend that is Trey Xavier from Gear Gods has done the unthinkable and managed to get Jinjer phat string master Eugene Abdukhanov into a discussion about how his band write their songs as well as a myriad of other things like how  involved Napalm Records get in their day

Interview: Jinjer talk the past year with Bloodstock!

The ongoing situation in their homeland always meant that the appearance of Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer at this year’s incarnation of Bloodstock Open Air Festival hung in the balance until the eleventh hour. However fortunately for all involved they arrived safe and sound meaning that vocalist, Tatiana Shmailyuk and bassist Eugene Kostyuk had the opportunity

Playthrough: “Copycat” from Jinjer!

After cancelling tours to remain in their homeland and help those in need, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have shared a playthrough video for “Copycat” from drummer Vladislav “Vladi” Ulasevich as he is once again  armed for the apocalypse with gear from Tama, Evans, Promark, ACD Limited and Zildjian. Directed by Kadim Tarasov it’s all filmed

Playthrough: “Colossus” from Jinjer!

Brand new footage of Eugene Abdukhanov performing “Colossus” during soundcheck in Nashville, Tennessee stop of the tour that saw Jinjer break the shackles of lockdown in December 2021 at take the US by storm with a tour that saw them joined by Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti? Absolutely! Eugene comments: “Colossus is one

Documentary: “Coming To America” Tour Diary #2 with Jinjer!

Including moments of “Pearls and Swine“, the second part of the tour diary for the tour named after an 80’s Eddie Murphy classic, the “Coming to America” tour has arrived. It is all about the behind the scenes shenanigans with Ukraine’s finest export and Progressive Metalcore titans Jinjer who are joined by All Hail The

Playthrough: “Vortex” from Jinjer!

Plucking another one from their no doubt extensive archive, Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer have chosen to once again show off the skills of drummer Vladislav “Vladi” Ulasevich when armed for the apocalypse with gear from Tama, Evans, Promark, ACD Limited and Zildjian, this time with a playthrough video for “Vortex“. It was shot at Summer

Bootleg: “Wallflower” & “Collossus” from Jinjer!

It certainly raised a few eyebrows when it was announced but Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer are currently tearing up the road stateside with Suicide Silence in a clash of the titans tour that at one point didn’t look like it was going to go ahead. Their immediate plans once they return haven’t been announced although