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Interview: Welicoruss discuss the life of the Horde!

The Siberian Heathen Horde that is Welicoruss have shared a feature length interview they did with Dark Beauty Gothic Russian Community that sees Mastermind Alexey Boganov and guitarist Tomas Srsen talk in English about life in Prague Czech Republic, all four Black Metal studio albums, tours, the creative process and a whole Santas sack full

Bootleg: Welicoruss at Legends Of Rock!

It might seem odd for a Russian Symphonic Black Metal outfit to be at anything with “Rock” in the title but the Czech Republic is the place where Welicoruss found themselves on the path to Valhalla. Legends Of Rock Festival saw them blast through cuts from their 2020 album “Siberian Heathen Horde“, an album that

Bootleg: Welicoruss live rehearsal!

What do you do when you can’t play a live show? Serbian Symphonic Black Metal act Welicoruss took the option of recording a full set live in their rehearsal space as Mastermind Alexey Boganov (Guitars, Vocals, Orchestration), celebrates 15 years of making music under the moniker. That history was recorded in a documentary which saw

Documentary: 15 Years of Madness from Welicoruss!

Serbian Symphonic Black Metal act Welicoruss have released a documentary dedicated to their 15th Anniversary together. The film shows band from its inception to the present day with unseen footage archived over those years and is divided into two parts. The first half sees mastermind Alexey Boganov (Guitars, Vocals, Orchestration), the leader and founder of