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NEWS: Cognizance unveil “The Towering Monument”!

After 2019’s “Malignant Dominion” and 2021’s “Upheaval“, Leeds Death Metal outfit Cognizance have a announced their switch from Prosthetic Records to Willowtip Records for concept album “Phantazein“. That will surface on 26th January having been mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Aeon, Blood Red Throne) and if your thought that having joined German Progressive Technical

Review: “Coronet Juniper” by GridLink

Recorded over five days in Kyoto Japan and released back in 2014 it seemed back “Longhena” would be the final offering from New Jersey Death Grind merchants GridLink. A twenty eight track, twenty three minute blast into the stratosphere of emotional ferocity and mathematical precision it is a piece of work so jaw dropping that

Bootleg: Unfathomable Ruination at Rock In Hell 2023!

Alongside the brutal talents of Twitch of the Death Nerve, Stabbing and Abysmal Torment, Unfathomable Ruination took to the stage at Rock The Hell Festival in Switzerland back in May to ensure that not only the venue for reduced to rubble but the tremors were felt in Australia. Four pro-shot cuts have now emerged from

NEWS: It’s a “Silk Ash Cascade” from Gridlink!

What do guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (Formless Master, Takafumi Matsubara), vocalist Jon Chang (No One Knows What the Dead Think, ex-Discordance Axis), drummer Bryan Fajardo (Cognizant, Noisear), and bassist Mauro Cordoba (Maruta) have in common? They are the musicians who form Gridlink, a Grindcore collective resuming their fear campaign on Humanity nine years after their third

Review: “Demos & Oddities: 1995-1999” by Contrarian

“As with many other progressive death metal bands in the 90’s such as Death, Pestilence, Atheist, and Cynic; Contrarian also experienced disruptions in continuity from lack of support in the fledgling scene and lack of capable musicians within an innovating genre. Being able to record music during that time was more difficult. Bands commonly recorded demos under

NEWS: GridLink premier “Coronet Juniper”!

Nine years after the true death of Longhena, Grindcore merchants GridLink have announced their return to the battlefield with fourth album “Coronet Juniper“, the title track of which has surfaced on Internet Land. For the purpose they will be joined by new bassist Mauro Cordoba and have inked a deal in blood with Willowtip Records

NEWS: Contrarian find buried treasure..?

They may have only released “Sage of Shekhinah” in March but Rochester New York Progressive Death Metal masters Contrarian are already preparing another one. This time out they have dug deep into Pandora’s box and and compiled a compilation of rarities titled “Demos & Oddities: 1995-1999“. That will drop on 28th July with “Loss of

NEWS: Countless Skies glow in the resonance!

An album that we can’t speak highly enough of, “Resonance” is a selection of tracks from the first two albums from  Melodic Death Metal act Countless Skies, performed live from the studio with cellist Arianna Mahsayeh. Each track has unique parts written specifically for the cello, adding extra melodies and layers that help the songs

Review: “Resonance” by Countless Skies

The story goes that having recorded single “Glow” with a guest appearance from cellist Arianna Mahsayeh, Melodic Death Metal band Countless Skies returned to her as a guest for a string of live shows and festival appearances. Having written a collection of parts specifically for the instrument to add extra melodies and layers for a number of