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NEWS: Distant upgrade “Exofilth” to 2.0!

“Insidious madness, the furious anger, The blood that runs in our veins, Runs nothing but hatred, Runs nothing but hate, The wounds are healed now only revenge remains, The renaissance of the darkness, the void eternal”

Documentary: Within Destruction on Bus Invaders!

Filmed at the WC Social Club in West Chicago Illinois on the 8th February stop of the Lotus Tour 2023 which saw Within Destruction, Fox Lake, VCTMS and Carcosa tear a hole in the fabric of the space time continuum, the latest episode of the iconic Bus Invaders series finds our headliners take us around

Interview: Within Destruction talk “Lotus” with Heavy New York!

Guitarist Howard Fang may have only joined Within Destruction in 2020 but he has become an essential cog in their mighty wheel. He joins Heavy New York to talk about joining the already long established Deathcore band and being part of their transition into a more experimental Nu-Metalcore sound. Currently on tour in support of

Review: “The Drakketh Saga” by Dragoncorpse

How can we put this? Lets try this… An actively growing concern since 2021 that has brought a trio of singles to the King’s table thus far, Dragoncorpse are an intriguing international prospect. Depending on where you look Dragoncorpse the bands sound has been defined as Death Metal that seamlessly blends Deathcore and Power Metal

Playthrough: “Nihilus” from Carcosa!

Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly… the binge watched series that was Squid Game, South Korean survival drama television series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk for Netflix also gave Canadian Deathcore brutes Carcosa fuel for the fire with the music video

Playthrough: “Ultima” from Within Destruction!

Having announced a US run with Fox Lake, Carcosa, Distinguisher and VCTMS playing selected dates for the turn of the year, Slovenian Deathcore enthusiasts Within Destruction have shared a guitar playthrough video from Howard Fang for “Ultima” which also celebrates the arrival of guitar tab books for both “Lotus” and “Yokai” albums here. Let’s hope

NEWS: Within Destruction share “Dying World”!

Ten days after the second anniversary of their Japanese culture themed album “Yokai” and a day after flying home from 80 days on the road,¬† Deathcore destroyers Within Destruction have dropped a new single titled “Dying World“. It finds them joined by Lil Lotus and will no doubt be part of the bands set when

NEWS: Within Destruction bare the scars!

“I keep trying to save you, But you shove me away, You pushed me away again, I keep trying to save you, save you, You won’t let me see the scars, I keep trying to save you again and again…” Currently on a huge US tour with Enterprise Earth, Sentinels and Great American Ghost, Slovenian