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Bootleg: Revolve at Glasgow Audio!

One of many highlights of this summer’s incarnation of Upsurge Festival, Glaswegian Metallic Hardcore act Revolve were filmed once again by David Tan, Kathryn McBride and Ross Hutton at Audio Lounge in Glasgow on 3rd October. They launched their second assault on Mother Earth with “Dragged Into Extinction” in February. It’s available over at bandcamp.

Bootleg: Revolve at Upsurge Festival!

Pro-Shot by David Tan and Owen Diplock at this summer’s second incarnation of Upsurge Festival at The New Cross Inn, here’s the full set from Scottish Hardcore crew Revolve who feature in their ranks former members of xServitudex!  

Review: “Self Titled” EP by Watch Me Die

Mixed and Mastered by Adam Rodgers and sporting a log from former xServitudex guitarist Ben Brodie, the self titled debut EP from London Straight Edge Hardcore crew Watch Me Die appeared back in January and led to their appearance at this summer’s second incarnation of Upsurge Festival. So having witnessed their set, complete with a

Bootleg: Revolve at Glasgow Audio!

Pro-Shot by David Tan Kathryn McBride, Ross Hutton and Johnny Fowler at Glasgow Audio on 15th August, here’s a Multi-Cam full set from Revolve! One of the highlights of Upsurge Festival just a couple of days later and featuring former members of xServitudex, they’re a frenzied attack of Metallic Hardcore!

Bootleg: Year of the Knife in Baltimore!

Pro-Shot on 12th January at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore Maryland, here’s a full set from Year of the Knife. The Metallic Hardcore crew followed EP “First State Aggression” with full length “Ultimate Aggression” via Pure Noise Records in January. They’ll be upon our shores in May for a run of dates with xServitudex that

Bootleg: Year of the Knife in Kentucky!

Pro-Shot on 7th February at the LDB Fest Pre-Show in Louisville Kentucky, here’s a full set from Year of the Knife! They’ll be on tour upon our shores with xServitudex in May bringing material from their new album “Ultimate Aggression” released on Friday via Pure Noise Records!

NEWS: Year of the Knife strike the “Fatal” blow!

Are Year of the Knife preparing to release new material before their May UK tour run with xServitudex? Of course they are! The Delaware Hardcore crew have only gone and dropped “Ultimate Aggression” today via Pure Noise Records! And here is a brand new music video for single “Fatal”.

Review: “Bringing Your Hell” EP by xServitudex

xServitudex. Their line-up is scattered across England and Scotland with one thing very much in common. Vegan Straight Edge Metallic Hardcore against the World. There is not a single tune that reaches the 3 minute mark on “Bringing Your Hell” and having witnessed their firebrand live show, the tracks will be played at least 20%

Bootleg: Splitknuckle at Glasgow Audio!

Pro-Shot in High Definition by David Tan & Kathryn McBride with audio mixed and mastered by Jack McDaid, here’s a multi-cam full set from Essex Hardcore crew Splitknuckle. It was filmed at Glasgow Audio on 19th January at xServitudex release show for their new EP “Bringing Your Hell”.

NEWS: Year of the Knife cutting across Europe in May!

May will see a Straight Edge takeover tour upon our shores as Newark, Delaware Metallic Hardcore crew Year of the Knife haul xServitudex across Europe! The later will be playing cuts from their new EP “Bringing Your Hell” released just yesterday while the former will be playing their May 2018 release “First State Aggression”. 17th Nottingham, Rough